The Chick-Fil-A Controversy, and the Freedom to Choose

Hi. My name is Terri Bey. This is my first blog here at WordPress. I live in Kentucky, and as of now, I am looking for work. I own a 15-year-old beagle named Ace Frehley, named after the original lead guitarist of KISS. He is a hoot. I like to write about sports, mainly NFL, wrestling, and horse racing. I also like to write about human interest stories, politics, and entertainment. I hope you will enjoy my writings.

I will start my first blog with the controversy over the fast food restaurant Chick-Fil-A, and the outrage over their stance on same-sex marriage, as the owners are Conservative Christians, and feel that according to the Bible, homosexuality is an “abomination.”  As a result, the LGBT community has called for a boycott, and Jim Henson’s company has pulled its endorsement of Chick-Fil-A from the fast food chain.

On the other side, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee started a movement which culminates on Wednesday, August 1st, called “Chick-Fil- A Appreciation Day,” which asks for people who share the views of the company to eat at the beleaguered restaurant.  The restaurant has received support from those on the Christian Right, and former Presidential candidate Rick Santorum. Fox News even implied that those who support the boycott of the restaurant are “un-American.”

This is what I have to say about the entire controversy. I was under the impression that in the United States of America, we as Americans had a right to the Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Expression. That is one of the many components of what makes this country great.  One of the restaurants’ supporters arguments is that the restaurant is being punished for using their “Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion.”  I disagree.

I am an Episcopalian, which is the American version of the Church of England (Anglican). The Church of England was founded by King Henry VIII when the Roman Catholic Church would not let him divorce his wife.  As a  member of the body of Christ, I do not interpret the Bible the same way as other denominations do. That is my right under the Freedom of Religion provision of the United States Constitution. That being said, and this is where the main part of my argument comes in, I fully SUPPORT Chick-Fil- A ‘s right to have their beliefs concerning same-sex marriage. The restaurant, and their owners have every right to have their beliefs. If customers want to go to the place, and have a meal, they should go right ahead. Everyone is entitled to their feelings and opinions, and interpretation of the Bible.

On the contrary, if people, such as myself, do NOT agree with the beliefs, and actions of Chick-Fil- A, they have a right NOT to eat at the restaurant as well.  The Bible is up to interpretation, and not every denomination interprets it as strictly. My Priest always says that the Bible is a “but/and,” rather than an “either/or.”  If people do not have issues with same-sex marriage, and do not agree with Chick-Fil-A,  they have a right to eat somewhere else.  I support their rights also.

I live by the age-old concept: If you don’t like it, don’t partake in it.  Therefore, I do not understand why supporters of the restaurant are acting like it is un-American, or an attack on marriage, or an attack on Christianity.  How is it “Un-American?” Is it “Un-American” because people who are moderate/liberal are boycotting the restaurant?  Conservatives seem to forget that THEY have boycotted things themselves, so they are being very disingenuous with this argument.  Do people who boycotted Ben and Jerry’s ring a bell? Do people who protested Dixie Chicks concerts, and destroyed their CDs ring a bell? How about protesting KISS concerts?  If you are going to use that kind of an argument, be honest, unless the Constitution is for Conservatives only. That is NOT what I learned.

How is not going to c an attack on marriage?  I never heard such a goofy thing.  Is Chick-Fil-A the bastion of marriage protection or something? I mean, if you don’t support same-sex marriage, fine. That is cool. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t see why two people who love each other can’t get married. God is love. God made people what they are.  God made people straight, gay, lesbian, etc. I don’t see why they should not get married.   I don’t see how Christianity is under attack either. Like I said earlier, not everyone interprets the Bible so strictly.

I just feel that even though Chick-Fil- A has a right to their opinions, and values, and such. I have a right not to go to their establishment. Simple enough.

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2 Responses to The Chick-Fil-A Controversy, and the Freedom to Choose

  1. ANG says:

    Well said. I fully support Chick-fil-a. We each have a right to our beliefs. I believe the uproar from the Christian community is that a Christian establishment was singled out. Why aren’t Muslim establishments treated likewise? The Muslim stance on same sex marriage/relationships is more harsh and to the point of true hatred. Therefore, I believe the Christian community is being singled out by the LGBT community. (this may be due in part to the idiots at westminster church)

    • edgerules says:

      That West Boro Baptist Church really makes the Christian Community look bad. They really do. It is really embarrassing. However, you make excellent points. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Have a great evening.

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