Summing Up Super Bowl LI Week: The Game and the Hall of Fame

Summing Up Super Bowl LI Week: The Game and the Hall of Fame


Terri Bey

Well, my NFL readers, we are officially in the NFL Off-Season, and suffering NFL withdrawal.  The 2016-17 NFL season is over, and Super Bowl LI is in the books. Unless you have been under a rock, the New England Patriots channeled their inner Strike The Gold, and came out of the clouds from a 25 point deficit in the 3rd quarter to beat the Atlanta Falcons in the first over-time period in Super Bowl history, by a score of 34-28. I compared the Patriots to Strike The Gold, because he was the type of horse that would drop back by double digit lengths, and lose touch from the leaders, and then make his run, as he did in the 1991 Kentucky Derby, which he won. This was one of the most exciting Super Bowls, I have seen in years.  Adding to the excitement, was the announcement of the 2017 Class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There was also controversy over that, as well.  I will be covering all this in this blog, so please enjoy.

Let’s start with the Super Bowl.  Again, congratulations to QB Tom Brady for his 5th Super Bowl win, and his 4th SB MVP win. Congratulations to the entire Patriots organization for their 5th Lombardi. I know there is a ton of disappointment, but I want to congratulate the Falcons Organization for a fantastic year.  I know many folks see this as a “choke job” by Atlanta. I want to emphasize the positive, and state that the Patriots showed the heart of a champion,and WON the Super Bowl. This was an example of never giving up, and always being persistent.  The Patriots offense, even with their early miscues, and only scoring 3 points at the half, were wearing down that Falcons defense. That was key, because, by the 3rd quarter, and especially by the 4th quarter, viewers could see that the Falcons defenders were just exhausted, by the time Tom Brady and the Patriots were making their offensive comeback.

One has to give credit to the Patriots defense for making critical plays, as well. The strip sack by Donta Hightower, and the sack by Trey Flowers were crucial. Yes, some will blame Kyle Shanahan, then offensive coordinator for Atlanta, but the Patriots defenders had to make the plays. Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia really layed the hammer down when needed.  Yes, the Falcons made crucial errors, and the Patriots took advantage of them. That is how it goes.

Of course, one of the best parts of Super Bowl weekend, was seeing Commissioner Roger Goodell handing Patriots Owner Robert Kraft the Lombardi. That was so sweet. Many folks up in New England, and those who hate the Commissioner, Patriots fan or not, were waiting TWO YEARS , since the start of that ridiculous nonsense, called Deflategate, for Roger Goodell to FINALLY get his comeuppance, after his witch hunt of Tom Brady and the Patriots started , right after the 2014-15 AFC Championship Game.  Of course, the folks in Indiana must have had their hearts broken, when they saw their hero, Goodell, hand over that trophy to Kraft, and even WORSE , the next day, when Goodell had to hand over the SB MVP Trophy to Tom Brady.

My last words on Super Bowl LI are that we saw a Patriots team that would not give up. We saw a hard working team left for dead, overcome a 25 point deficit. Tom Brady showed everyone, even the doubters, and the haters, why he was, and is the greatest QB ever, by leading that team to victory. Brady is the best, and there is no doubt about it.

Now, I will comment about the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class. I think it is a good class.  The members are: QB Kurt Warner, RB Ladainian Tomlinson, RB Terrell Davis, Kicker Morten Andersen, Dallas Cowboys Owner  Jerry  Jones, DE  Jason Taylor, and Safety Kenny Easley.  I find it interesting that they put two running backs in the Hall of Fame, but that is just my view. I don’t have any issue with any of these players, as members of the Hall of Fame.The only slight complaint is that I would have maybe substituted Taylor with Safety Ty Law.  However, I hope Ty Law gets in next year.

However, that isn’t what the big deal is, concerning this year’s Hall of Fame Class.  It is who DID NOT get in.  Yes, wide receiver Terrell Owens did not get in again. I have heard all the stories, and I am not even a huge fan of Terrell Owens. However, I do feel that he is being kept out, because of a popularity contest. What I mean, is that some of the writers, who vote on the Hall of Fame, do not like him, because of his antics. The narrative is that, “He was not a good teammate.” “He destroyed locker rooms.”  I think this whole thing is ridiculous.  Owens’ numbers on the FIELD speak for themselves. Enough of these voters being the “moral police.”  The Hall of Fame voters just let Marvin Harrison in, and Harrison ALLEGEDLY was involved in a shooting. ( Ray Lewis is up, next year, and most NFL fans know about his past. Randy Moss also has similar issues, as Owens,concerning getting along with teams. I just think there is a ton of hypocrisy, when it comes to these Hall of Fame votes.

Well, that is about it.  I hope that everyone will enjoy the offseason. I hope that the offseason will be uneventful, unless Commissioner Roger Goodell invents another scandal.  Enjoy the Draft, and I will be back with my NFL blogs, come September.  Take care.

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