A Film Tribute to the Late Hollywood Legend Olivia de Havilland (1916-2020)

by Terri Bey

Dedicated to my dear friend, Louis Antonelli.

On July 26, 2020, the entertainment world lost one of Hollywood’s last living legends of the “Old Hollywood” Era. Dame Olivia de Havilland, known for her roles in such movies as “The Snake Pit,” “The Heiress” and, of course, “Gone With the Wind,” passed away in Paris, France at 104. Olivia de Havilland died of natural causes. Ms. de Havilland was the last of the “Golden Age of Hollywood, and until her death, was the oldest living Oscar winner. She appeared in 49 feature films and the large part of her film career spanned from 1935 to 1988. Olivia won 2 Best Actress Academy Awards, one for “To Each His Own” (1946) and for “The Heiress” (1949). Her younger sister was the late Joan Fontaine, who also won Best Actress for “Suspicion” (1941). Both women are the only siblings to have won Academy Awards and the only sisters to have won major Academy Awards. Olivia de Havilland has also done work on Broadway and on TV. Olivia de Havilland was named a Dame Commander in Queen Elizabeth II‘s Birthday Honors list in 2017, just before her 101st birthday, hence her being Dame Olivia de Havilland.

Olivia de Havilland was one of my all time favorite actresses. I always enjoyed her ability to play different roles. I also loved how she was able to adapt to television and the stage, as well as the silver screen. Olivia de Havilland won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Movie or Series and received an Emmy Nomination in the same category for her role in the 1986 miniseries, “Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna.” Olivia deHavilland also appeared in the 1979 miniseries, “Roots: The Next Generation.” On Broadway, she appeared in “in Romeo and Juliet (1951), Candida (1952), and A Gift of Time (1962).

Olivia de Havilland was an amazing and versatile actress and the last of the “Golden Age” of Hollywood. They certainly do not make them like her, anymore. I certainly will miss her and to honor her, I will list some of my personal favorite films in which she starred or co-starred. I hope you will enjoy this list. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Favorite Films Featuring the Late Olivia de Havilland:

“The Male Animal” (1942)

Directed by: Elliott Nugent

This film features a very funny love triangle and a battle about free speech on campus, starring Henry Fonda and Olivia de Havilland as Tommy and Ellen Turner, who live in a college town, which is crazy about its college football team. Tommy Turner (Fonda) is a college professor, whose desire to read the sentencing statement by Bartolomeo Vanzetti gets him in hot water with the trustees, led by a one Ed Keller (Eugene Pallette), who wants to fire Turner. At the same time, there is a huge football game, and the former football hero, Joe Furgeson (Jack Carson), comes to visit and he is Ellen Turner’s (de Havilland) former beau. Furgeson and Ellen Turner revisit their old romantic feelings and at the same time, Tommy Turner (Fonda) has to deal with trying to keep his job.

This is a very funny and somewhat lighthearted film. I enjoyed seeing the de Havilland character and the Carson character having some quasi-romance and here is the poor Fonda character trying to keep both his marriage and his job at the same time. It’s not one of de Havilland’s Oscar winning performances, but I like her lightheartedness in this film. I also enjoy the free speech on campus battle as well. Does Tommy Turner get to read Bartolomeo Vanzetti’s speech and keep his job after all? Watch this film and see.

Olivia de Havilland as Ellen Turner, Henry Fonda as Tommy Turner and Joan Leslie as Patricia Stanley in this scene from “The Male Animal” (1942)

“The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938)

Directed by: Michael Curtiz and William Keiley

This film features Errol Flynn as Robin Hood and Olivia de Havilland as Lady Marian in this swashbuckling tale of Robin Hood. Most of my readers know the plot of this film, but for those who don’t, the film is about how Robin Hood (Flynn), a Saxon Knight, in the absence of King Richard leads a rebellion with a guerrilla band against King John (Claude Reins), who along with the Norman lords, are oppressing the Saxon commoners. The film features a cast of well known actors, such as Basil Rathbone as Sir Guy of Gisbourne, Eugene Pallette as Friar Tuck, an uncredited Sam Jaffe, and Alan Hale, Sr. as John Little, a.k.a. Little John. On a side note, Alan Hale, Sr. is the father of Alan Hale, Jr., who played The Skipper on “Gilligan’s Island.”

This is a fun, action-filled romp. I love Olivia de Havilland and Errol Flynn in this film. The duo actually made several films together. I think they had great chemistry. I loved how at first, Lady Marian was against Robin Hood and, then she accepts his good intentions, and then he has to rescue her. Of course, as we all know, Robin Hood marries her. I love how de Havilland and Flynn work off each other. Her scenes with Basil Rathbone (Sir Guy of Gisbourne) are awesome, also. I enjoy this film and for those who haven’t seen this, I recommend it.

Olivia de Havilland as Lady Marian and Basil Rathbone as Sir Guy of Gisbourne in “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938)

“Hold Back the Dawn” (1941)

Directed by Mitchell Leisen

I love this film, which stars Olivia de Havilland as Miss Emmy Brown, a naïve school teacher, who was in Mexico with fifteen boys on a class trip and falls in love with a Romanian gigolo named Georges Iscovescu (Charles Boyer), who unbeknownst to her, is only marrying her to get a US Visa, so he can work in New York with his former dancing partner Anita Dixon (Paulette Goddard), who also is in love with Iscovescu and tells him that she married an American to get a US Visa and she quickly divorced him as soon as she got it, hence his idea to use Emmy Brown (de Havilland). A couple of complications come when Iscovescu (Boyer) marries Brown, he actually falls in love with her and an Immigration Inspector Hamel (Walter Abel), who looks for con artists like Iscovescu gets right on his tail as well. The film is told by Iscovescu (Boyer) in flashback to a Hollywood screenwriter. You will have to see this wonderful film to find out the reason.

I love the chemistry between Olivia de Havilland and Charles Boyer. Even though Boyer was considered what we would call a “sex symbol,” as he was extremely handsome, Boyer was an excellent actor. Boyer definitely held his own against de Havilland. The scene featuring Paullette Goddard, where her character, Anita Dixon tells Emmy Brown, Olivia de Havilland’s character, the truth is a great scene, as well. The film, “Hold Back the Dawn” was nominated for six Academy Awards, including “Best Picture” and “Best Actress” for Olivia de Havilland, one of her five total Academy Award Nominations.

As I could not find an actual scene from “Hold Back the Dawn” (1941), I found this fan-made tribute using scenes from the film with Olivia de Havilland as Emmy Brown and Charles Boyer as Georges Iscovescu. Credit: Monique Classique

“Gone With the Wind” (1939)

Directed by Victor Fleming

If you have not heard of “Gone With the Wind” (1939) or the Margaret Mitchell 1936 novel, upon which the classic film is based, you must be living under a rock. This nearly four hour epic, set during the Civil War, is a historical-fictional drama about a strong-willed and spoiled Southern belle named Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh) who strongarms her way through family relations, etc., and finally finds love and marriage with a Southern gentleman, named Rhett Butler (Clark Gable).

However, before O’Hara (Leigh) marries Butler (Gable), O’Hara is, at least in this author’s opinion, becomes one of the most destructive and mean-spirited characters ever. O’Hara pretty much destroys everything and everyone, in her path, including her marriage to Rhett Butler. Scarlett also goes after and continues to obsess over someone she knows she can’t have. That someone is Ashley Wilkes (a terribly miscast Leslie Howard) who gets married to Melanie Hamilton (Olivia de Havilland).

Melanie Hamilton Wilkes is one of the only characters in this film that I genuinely liked, besides Rhett Butler (Gable) and Mammy (Hattie MacDaniel) Olivia portrayed her with such a quiet grace and such strength, when the character needed it. One scene that sticks in my head is where after the news and gossip got out where at Scarlett’s and Ashley’s store, they were in a comprising position, Scarlett was forced to go to the party in that red dress, and Melanie (de Havilland) greeted her as if nothing had happened. I loved how Olivia de Havilland played that scene.

I admit that I am not as big a fan of this film, as others are. However, Olivia de Havilland, Clark Gable and especially Hattie McDaniel make this film watchable. McDaniel gave a brilliant performance, which won her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, becoming the first African American to win an Academy Award, beating out her co-star, Olivia de Havilland, who was also nominated in the same category. Max Steiner’s brilliant score is an amazing highlight as well.

Scene from “Gone with the Wind” with Olivia de Haviland as Melanie Hamilton Wilkes and Ona Munson as Belle Watling

“The Heiress” (1949)

Directed by William Wyler

Olivia de Havilland won her first Academy Award for the 1946 film, “To Each His Own,” where she played an unwed mother who gives up her child for adoption, but she keeps up with events in his life from a distance. I personally think she also should have won for her thrilling performance as a mental patient in “The Snake Pit” (1948). However, that is how the Academy Awards go sometimes.

However, in this 1949 film, “The Heiress,” based on a 1947 play, “The Heiress,” by Ruth and Augustus Goetz, suggested by Henry James novel called “Washington Square” (1880), not only did Olivia de Havilland earn her second Academy Award, but she turns in a tour de force performance as Catherine Sloper, a meek and rather simple daughter of a renowned Dr. Austin Sloper (Ralph Richardson), who is not only mentally cruel, but constantly compares Catherine to her late mother. Aunt Lavinia Penniman (Miriam Hopkins), who has a very lively personality, moves in to try to encourage Catherine (de Havilland) to be more gracious and to be more out-going. Montgomery Clift portrays Morris Townsend, who is a very handsome young man, but has no money and no career prospects, but Catherine Sloper falls in love with him. Her father, Dr. Sloper (Richardson) has a suspicion that Townsend (Clift) is a fortune hunter and should Catherine marry a man that the doctor doesn’t like, she will lose her inheritance and the money will go to the clinic, instead.

This is one of Olivia de Havilland’s best performances. What makes it so awesome is the eventual transition from her character, Catherine Sloper, being this meek little mouse, who is so shy to the point of being awkward to becoming an astute woman, whose heart has been hardened. When she realizes that her father was right about Townsend (Clift) and at the same time developed her father’s cruel nature, it is a delight to watch from a viewer’s standpoint. The rest of the cast is fantastic. Montgomery Clift is amazing as this scoundrel, who just wants Ms. Sloper’s money. Ralph Richardson is awesome as Dr. Sloper. The scene where Dr. Sloper and Morris Townsend have that confrontation and then Catherine Sloper joins in, asking Morris to be respectful. That is a great acting scene, all around. I highly recommend this film.

A brief scene from “The Heiress” with Montgomery Clift as Morris Townsend and Olivia de Havilland as Catherine Sloper

These are my personal favorite films featuring the late, great Olivia de Havilland. I hope that you all enjoyed reading this blog and watching the videos. I hope that this blog will inspire my readers to get on either Vudu, Amazon Prime, Google, or whatever service you have to see these and other films in which she starred. My contact information is down below. Thank you for reading.

Thank you, Dame Olivia de Havilland for all your contributions to the film industry. May you Rest In Peace.


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LIVE AID 1985 Remembered and How Queen Stole the Show

by Terri Bey

On September 13, 1985, a transcontinental concert promoted, produced and planned by musician Sir Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats and performing arts promoter Harvey Goldsmith called “Live Aid,” took place, both at London, UK’s Wembley Stadium and at the then existing John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, PA, simultaneously. “Live Aid” was a benefit concert to raise funds for the famine in Ethiopia. The estimated attendance at London’s Wembley Stadium was 72,000 fans and at Philadelphia’s JFK Stadium, there was an estimated attendance of between 90,000-100,000 fans. The event raised $127 Million dollars and won a Peabody Award.

As many music fans and my readers know, many famous artists played at “Live Aid.” In Philadelphia, fans were treated to artists such as Hall and Oats, The Power Station, Madonna, Black Sabbath, Mick Jagger, Phil Collins and Robert Plant (more on these two later). In London, fans got to see such artists as Elton John, The Who, David Bowie, Howard Jones, Dire Straits, Phil Collins and an up and coming band from Ireland called U2. Oh, yes, there was another band named Queen who played as well, who wound up stealing the show. There will be more on them later.

In this blog, I will be highlighting a few of these acts. I will be discussing my own thoughts on the event and my own memories. I certainly will be discussing the legendary Queen who stole the whole show. I hope you will enjoy this walk down my personal memory lane of that seminal event that took place 35 years ago, called “Live Aid.”

When the event took place, I was going to be a senior in high school. My parents were certainly NOT rock fans, but I watched the event on TV. I thought, over all, it was a pretty fun event, even though I had regular television. I watched it on ABC, which was showing it in the States. I was 17 years old, so I unfortunately do not remember many of the artists who were aired on the Eastern Time Zone, as I went to high school in Edison, NJ at the time, so I apologize for not listing all the acts that were aired during that entire day and evening. I do remember a couple that will be mentioned, next.

Highlighted Moments of Live Aid 1985:

The Phil Collins Show

Phil Collins, either for his devotion to charity or ego or a little of both, was the only performer to play on both continents, via the Concorde. For this reason, I jokingly called “Live Aid,” the “Phil Collins Show.” Phil Collin was all over “Live Aid.” I mean, the man was EVERYWHERE. He was in ALMOST EVERYONE’S act. For example, Collins played “In the Air Tonight” in Philadelphia (https://youtu.be/DEWu59OPAbQ) . Collins played, “Against All Odds” in London (https://youtu.be/7A8NgPVizP4) Collins played with Sting at Wembley (https://youtu.be/V8fs2nZw2aI) and with Eric Clapton at Philadelphia (https://youtu.be/f9myqi7VL9s). Collins also participated in one of the events more famous or infamous moments in “Live Aid,” depending upon how you look at it, which I will discuss next.

Thinking it over in my mind, I am sure I saw a few of those performances on TV, although I can’t remember exactly which ones. All joking aside, Phil Collins was a fantastic drummer and I definitely can see that he was sought after for his skills.

Led Zeppelin’s Reuniting Didn’t Sound Very Good

I apologize for the pun, using Peaches and Herb’s “Reunited,” to describe the complete debacle of a reunion of one of Rock’s greatest bands, Led Zeppelin, but it was a debacle and they didn’t sound very good. Guess who pops up again? If you guessed Phil Collins, you are correct. The buildup to this was huge, and to be expected. The band had broken up five years prior and to see a legendary band get back together for such a great cause was really exciting to see. I remember seeing some of this performance and I was excited to see them.

However, it was a shame that the performance didn’t live up to the hype. The band sounded horrible, but there were a few things I want to point out in their defense. In discussing this notorious performance, I will do a condensed version of the now defunct ESPN Show, “Five Reasons You Can’t Blame,” which attempts to debunk narratives about popular sports mishaps, like Bill Buckner and Steve Bartman, so I will do that with Led Zeppelin’s performance at “Live Aid,” but a condensed version.

Robert Plant did have a medical excuse. He had been singing several solo shows in a row and it was hot, so his voice was definitely worn down. Bassist John Paul Jones was the only musician in good form. The band only had about 30 minutes or so of rehearsal, or from other accounts, not rehearsed much at all. I think it was hard to expect a typical top-level Led Zeppelin performance from a band that hadn’t played together in years. I WILL say that I didn’t expect that BAD of a performance though. The band also played with the late drummer Tony Thompson and Phil Collins. I know Collins was Plant’s drummer in his band, but as great as he is, I was puzzled why he was there. I am not knocking Thompson, as he was a great drummer in his own right, but Thompson was placed there and he didn’t know the songs and like I said earlier, they were barely rehearsed. This was a recipe for disaster right there.

I know that Phil Collins is the scapegoat for the whole debacle and I don’t think that is right. As I said, they were barely rehearsed and you had a drummer that didn’t know the material. Plant was hoarse. Jones played alright. The last person to discuss is Jimmy Page. I know he is a musical “sacred cow,” in the sense that no one dares to criticize him without getting flak, but here goes. The man was just blasted. He was loaded on alcohol and drugs. I mean, come on. Yes, I KNOW for “Stairway to Heaven,” he was handed a guitar that wasn’t tuned and that was NOT his fault, and I realize he had a serious drug and alcohol problem. However, the man’s playing was just atrocious.

I have all the respect in the world for Jimmy Page. He is one of rock’s greatest guitarists and has influenced everyone from KISS legend Ace Frehley to guitar virtuoso Steve Vai and many others. Page is in the argument for the greatest ever and some think he IS the greatest ever. I totally respect all those opinions. However, concerning this performance, I think Page deserves some of the blame as well and this again, is my opinion, because of his stature, he has escaped blame for his own poor performance.

Here’s the whole thing. I know Led Zeppelin are “sacred cows,” but they were terrible, but they did have some issues that weren’t all their fault.

Led Zeppelin at Live Aid 7-13-1985

Fun Times with Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Elton and others.

The late, great David Bowie, with a wonderful performance of “Heroes,”(https://youtu.be/JFHC6t13hi0) and his other hits, wowed the crowd at Wembley Stadium. Elton John performed many of his hits and had great costumes on, during his Wembley set. Elton John brought out Kiki Dee to perform “Don’t Go Breaking My heart.” (https://youtu.be/8EwwYtA4WJ8) and the late Wham! singer George Michael to sing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.” (https://youtu.be/ECN_wgw55lc) An up and coming band named U2 performed a very good set, including a very cool version of “Sunday, Bloody, Sunday.” (https://youtu.be/SCKcULlEydo) The Rolling Stones’ front man Mick Jagger had a great set of songs from his solo album, “She’s the Boss,” and songs from the Rolling Stones. One highlight was when Tina Turner came onstage to join him in a duet of “State of Shock.”(https://youtu.be/d2c4114eKGQ)

Another great highlight was the set of The Who. As most people know, a few years prior, The Who had split, but they were coaxed by Geldof to do this performance, somehow. Of course, the band members were still fighting with each other, even though they agreed to do the show. However, they somehow got their heads together and put on this fantastic set, which included, “My Generation,” and the legendary “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” In my opinion, this performance was the best performance on either continent, save one. Seriously, in my opinion, had Queen not played “Live Aid,” The Who would have stolen the show. If Queen were the 1978 Triple Crown winner Affirmed at “Live Aid”, I guess The Who had to play Alydar.

Anyway I love this version of “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” even though Who front man Roger Daltrey botches a lyric. It is a great live version. Check it out.

The Showstopper and Show Stealer Revealed.

Finally, we are going to talk about the artist who by many at the time said and by many, thirty-five years later, will still say, “stole “Live Aid” or “stole the show.” I agreed then and I agree now. They were the Showstopper then and still are, when I re-watch their performance and I am NOT talking about the WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. If my readers know their rock history and know something about “Live Aid,” I think you should know that the artist to whom I am referring is, of course, QUEEN. Queen put on a blistering and perfect 20 minute setlist containing a great mix of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Radio Gaga,” “Hammer to Fall,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” “We Will Rock You,” and “We Are the Champions.” Later on, front man Freddie Mercury and guitarist Brian May came on with a poignant performance of “Is This the World We Created?” This song is also very pertinent to today, as well. The band also appeared in the finale of “Live Aid,” singing “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

This performance was the sensation of the event. Many artists, including Sir Elton John, were commenting on how the band “stole the event.”Elton John told the band, “You bastards, you stole the show. “When my mother and I saw this performance, SHE was very impressed with Queen and that was saying a lot, because with the exception of The Beatles, she HATED rock music. The band must have done something right to impress my hard-to-impress mother.

Why is this particular twenty-one minute concert so brilliant and in the opinion of many, myself included, considered “the greatest concert ever.” After all, Queen has put on many great performances. There are a lot of other bands, such as Led Zeppelin, The Who and even my favorite childhood band, KISS, who have put on great performances in concert, and I mean in these bands’ respective primes.

Queen didn’t like to play in the daylight, as they couldn’t get soundcheck done, but they did pick the 6:41pm timeslot as it was just hitting UK’s primetime audience and the London satellite would just go global. This was a great tactical move. Queen wanted to show they were a great live band and their experience in huge stadiums also worked to their advantage. The band’s sound engineer, Trip Khalaf, also found a way to increase the band’s sound, so they were louder than everyone else. Queen also performed a perfect set of hit after hit.

Their performance overall was mesmerizing. Freddie Mercury just owned that crowd with his charm and performance. Mercury’s “Day-O” spot showed his vocal prowess. If I could go into a time machine, I would love to have been in that Wembley audience. Mercury was in command of that stage in the way he played with the camera man, and played to the crowd, when he dedicated “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” to “all the beautiful people.” Needless to say, Mercury’s voice was awesome, especially since he was battling a throat infection before and during the show, which makes the performance even MORE amazing. Freddie Mercury was just magical that night

The rest of the band were no slouches either. Dr. Brian May was awesome on guitar. May played blistering leads and solos during the set. Drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Deacon laid down great rhythms. May, Taylor and Deacon played brilliantly as well. It was a totally perfect concert. I have seen many concerts in person and on TV, included my beloved KISS (about 45-50 times, since 1996, past their primes) and I have yet to see one as good or as perfect as Queen that night at Live Aid.

As I mentioned, Brian May and Freddie Mercury performed a poignant version of “Is This the World We Created?” Again, perfect.

Here is the legendary Queen Live Aid 1985 Concert, along with the performance of “Is This the World We Created?” and participating in the finale, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

Queen at Live Aid 1985
Freddie Mercury and Brian May performing “Is This The World We Created?”
Band Aid, including Queen and other bands performing “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

Well, that is my reminiscing about “Live Aid.” It was a fun blog to write and a great way to remember some of these artists who participated in a great event. I encourage feedback and I hope you liked this blog as much as I liked writing it.


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My Review of Andrew Sgambati’s “KISS: One Last Time Live from New York-the Movie”

by Terri Bey

Before I start this blog, I hope that my readers have been able to stay safe and healthy during the current COVID-19 pandemic. I also hope that my readers are doing the best they can during the lockdowns, especially those with severe depression and anxiety and those adversely affected financially. I pray for all affected. I also pray for the pandemic to end, and I ask you to remember that this too shall pass. I have other wishes, but that will be for another blog.

Now, let’s get to the blog at hand. As my readers already know, I have been a huge KISS fan since 1977, and have written various blogs about them. I have written concert reviews, album reviews, etc. As many of you know, I have been a proud member of the KISS ARMY since 1977. The KISS ARMY is the collective name of millions of the band’s most diehard and devoted fans. KISS also has many, what are called, “Super Fans,” who have seen this band multiple times, and travel all over the place to see them and get access to the band.

One such Superfan is Andrew Sgambati, from Cleveland, Ohio, who made this Youtube Video-Documentary, “KISS: One Last Time Live from New York-the Movie.” The movie is a documentary-style video discussing his fandom, with video primarily from KISS’ March 27, 2019 show at the sold-out Madison Square Garden in NYC during their “End of the Road” Tour, which started on January 31, 2019 in Vancouver, BC and the last show, as announced on KISS KRUISE IX, was scheduled to be played in New York in July 17, 2021. The band last played in Lubbock, Texas on March 10, 2020, as the tour has been suspended due to the current pandemic. The band’s KISS Kruise X also had to be postponed to October of 2021 as well, which may or may not affect the date of the “final show.”

Sgambati also inserts various past interview clips with the current KISS lineup, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer, ,in between songs or during songs and also takes the viewer on his journey of attending several concerts on the band’s Final Tour. Sgambati also talks about special backstage moments with Gene Simmons, who for some reason gave Sgmabti the nickname of “Paul McCartney.” A bonus concert of 13 complete tracks is included as well.

In this blog, I am going to discuss what I thought was good about Sgambati’s movie and what I thought could have been better. I am also going to give my overall impression and my recommendation. I will include the link to the documentary, and a link to the bonus concert as well. Feedback is welcome and encouraged. I hope you enjoyed this blog.

My Overall Impression of “KISS: One Last Time from New York- The Movie”

Generally, I found Andrew Sgambati’s work to be of excellent quality. The production values were very high. I loved the documentary-style presentation. The intersecting of past interviews with the concert footage was awesome. I loved how he started with his story about becoming a KISS fan and his inserting his fandom and encounters with Gene during the entire piece. I also appreciated that he included the bonus concert footage as well. I also tip my hat to the many folks who filmed the live concert footage, who are mentioned in the end credits.

What I REALLY LIKED about “KISS: One Last Time from New York-The Movie”

I loved how Andrew Sgambati put together events concerning the “End of the Road” Tour in chronological order, with the non-concert video clips. Sgambati started with the news of KISS lead singer/rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley’s getting the trademark for “End of the Road to bassist/lead singer Gene Simmons’ at first denying it, but then confirming it. Sgambati then goes to the announcement on “America’s Got Talent,” and then some of the press conferences from “Good Morning America,” “Sirius Radio, etc”. I enjoyed that.

I liked seeing the backstage stuff with Gene Simmons and his Gene Simmons Soda and the Gene Simmons Vault. That was pretty cool.

One of my favorite parts of the entire piece is where a backstage segment from KISS Unplugged Rehearsals is shown and Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Bruce Kulick all are making fun of Tommy Thayer’s gait and are imitating how Tommy Thayer walked. Tommy pokes his head into the room and says with a smile, “Are you guys making fun of me?” This is worth the entire video. I heard Gene Simmons actually cackling. This was hilarious. I was almost crying. It is at the 38.49 mark or so in the film. I love Tommy to death, but that was funny.

Sgambati’s love and dedication to the band shows through the documentary. The viewer gets the impression that he loves this band.

I thought including a separate link for the bonus concert was a great idea.

Sgambati’s use of vintage footage of the original band to correlate with what Gene Simmons and/or Paul Stanley were saying was brilliant. I really enjoyed that.

What I thought could have been better about: “KISS: One Last Time from New York-The Movie”

I thought in some spots, there was a bit too much reliance of the old interviews. For me, hearing some of Gene’s and Paul’s hype and rhetoric got a little old. I would have liked to have seen more of the concert footage.

I would have liked to have heard more about Sgambati’s fandom, actually. I know he wanted to keep the piece to a certain length, as it ran about 1 1/4 hours, but I wanted to hear more about him.

I would have liked to have seen more of his own backstage clips with the other members, besides the one photo of his friend with the band, if there were any. I respect that Gene is likely Sbamgati’s favorite, but some more backstage stuff with the other guys, would have been cool.


I highly recommend Andrew Sgambati’s “KISS: One Last Time from New York-The Movie.” This is an overall fantastic piece of work by a devoted fan of one of rock’s greatest and most bombastic bands. The piece is a fun story of a fan’s adventure with his favorite band’s final tour. I recommend this video for not only KISS fans, but for fans of all artists.

Link to: “KISS: One Last Time from New York-The Movie”

Film by Andrew Sgambati

Link to : “KISS: One Last Time Live in NYC Bonus Concert

Film by Andrew Sgambati


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Thank You Tom Brady for Twenty Years of Excellence

by Terri Bey

Unless you have been living under a rock, NFL fans and even non-fans should know by now that six time Super Bowl winning QB Tom Brady will be leaving the New England Patriots after 20 years with the team, when Free Agency starts on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 4pm, EST. To many fans of the New England Patriots, this comes as quite a shock, as many of them grew up only knowing Tom Brady as the quarterback for their team. However, for many astute fans of the team, who were paying close attention, this moment was not much of a surprise and the writing was on the wall during many points during the season.

There was the disastrous Antonio Brown experiment, and Josh Gordon’s issues leaving the team with a dearth of wide receivers. The trade for former Atlanta Falcons WR Mohammed Sanu didn’t go well, as he had a hard time learning the system and was hampered by a high ankle sprain. The only dependable receiver, WR Julian Edelman, was injured virtually the entire season. The offensive line was in tatters, and you could see Brady’s frustrations bubbling in his press conferences and in interviews. He also negotiated a contract prior to this last season, where the team could not put the franchise tag or transition tag, and he could go test free agency. He announced on Social Media that he is leaving the Patriots and thanked the Patriots organization and the fans. An extraordinary era in not only the history of a franchise, but in the NFL, has ended.

Tom Brady is my all time favorite NFL player and my all time favorite quarterback and I have seen many greats in my 40 plus years as a fan. Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time). I have had the pleasure of seeing Tom Brady play in person many times and he is everything the experts, his teammates and even his opponents say that he is. Brady is like a surgeon, when he operates that offense. I love how he builds confidence in his teammates. I was at the game in Cleveland, OH in Week 5 of 2016, when Brady returned from that ridiculous suspension, and what a show he put on. Brady put on a clinic by marching down that field and scoring at will against the Browns. I knew immediately that this team was winning the Super Bowl and win it, they did. 28-3, anyone?

Tom Brady, this Patriots fan wants to thank you for all the great thrills you gave us. You took the Patriots from being a middling franchise at the time to being the class of the NFL. What a thrill ride you gave us. I still remember the “Snow Ball” Game, where you lead us into that famous OT win over the Oakland Raiders to send the Patriots to their first Super Bowl of the Brady Era, Super Bowl 36. I remember your leading the Patriots down the field in that very Super Bowl, so then Patriots K Adam Vinatieri kicks the winning FG to defeat QB Kurt Warner and the favored St. Louis Rams to kick off the Patriots Dynasty. I can still see your looking for your sisters in the stands in my mind. What great memories for us fans to cherish.

Thank you, Tom Brady for leading the Patriots to eight more Super Bowls. with five more wins. I loved how you out-dueled Panthers QB Jake Delhomme and the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 38 and defeated QB Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles in Super 39. Of course, even though the year didn’t end like we Pats fans wanted it, I will always appreciate your brilliant MVP 2007 season. I thank you for the great comeback in Super Bowl 49 against the Seattle Seahawks. Of course, then Patriots CB Malcolm Butler did help seal the deal. Thank you for all of these great moments and I especially thank you for the greatest comeback since Lazarus. I am, of course, referring to Super Bowl 51, when you brought the Patriots all the way back from a 25 point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons in the first OT in a Super Bowl. The score was 28-3 and I remember how many people thought the team was left for dead. I figured as long as you were behind center, the team had a chance. That one scamper you made in the 3rd quarter of that Super Bowl to get the first down was awesome and when you threw the TD to make the score 28-9, I knew you would bring the Lombardi back to New England and you certainly did. Super Bowl 53 against the Los Angeles Rams was just icing on the cake. That throw to Gronkowski was just legendary.

To Tom, I would finally like to thank you for your charity and your integrity and grace under pressure. For those who don’t know, Tom Brady has been involved in various charities, like Best Buddies, the Boys and Girls Club of America and other charities. Brady has also shown a lot of poise and grace under pressure, especially when he suffered the ACL injury and also during the 18 month saga, where the NFL pretty much tried to smear him and destroy his good name over missing molecules of air in a football, thanks to the weather. I have never seen a sports league go out of its way to purposely attempt to discredit and destroy its best player, like what the NFL did to Brady, with the help of the mainstream media, particularly ESPN. I admired how Brady was able to hold it together and was able to lead the Patriots to the 2015 AFC Championship Game, during all the appeals and such. Of course, we all know that he wound up serving the most absurd suspension ever given to an athlete for anything for the first 4 games of the 2016 Season. We all know what happened for the Patriots, right? Psst. 28-3. Oh, did I also mention that Tom Brady was the Super Bowl MVP?

It will definitely be different in Foxborough next NFL season. I mean, to see Tom Brady in a different uniform next season will be jarring, to say the least. Who will be under center for the Patriots next year? Will it be QB Jason Stidham? Will it be a newly drafted QB? Will it be a signed veteran? We will have to see. After 20 years of saying, “Belichick and Brady,” and “Brady and Belichick,” it will take awhile to say, “Belichick and….”

I conclude this blog by simply saying, “Thank you, Mr. Tom Brady.” “Thank you for everything.”

Feedback is welcome and encouraged.


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KISS and David Lee Roth Rocked Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY

by Terri Bey

Before I start my concert review, I want to wish all my readers a Happy Valentine’s Day, no matter if you are married, dating, in a committed relationship or single. It doesn’t matter if it is just you and your furry/hoofed friend. I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day with whomever you love, and that person “will be made for loving you,” and your day will be “just like paradise.” With that, I will segue with the review of the incredible concert I experienced at Lexington, KY’s Rupp Arena last night on February 13, 2020, when KISS on their “End of the Road” Tour (EOTR, from now on) and opening act, former lead singer and frontman Diamond David Lee Roth put on a rocking show.


I went to the Will Call window and got my ticket and pass/wristband for the KISS Meet and Greet. I went to my seat and watched some of David Lee Roth’s set. At about 7:45, I started going towards the area where I and an a whole bunch of folks were going to be escorted to get our photos with the band. I certainly didn’t want to be late, as I had to be at the meeting place by 8. I got down to the area, and heard and watched David Lee Roth finish his set.

We all get in line, and a bunch of people with wristbands with red and blue dots got in line first. I am guessing they were either the VIP or Ultra VIP. Anyway, whatever, I was very excited, and a little nervous, as I had a present for KISS lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, one of my two favorites in the current lineup, along with Eric Singer, the drummer. It was a keychain made from wood from the White Star Liner R.M.S. Olympic, older sister of the R.M.S Titanic, an actual artifact from https://www.whitestarlines.co.uk/ , which sells actual artifacts from the Titanic, her sisters and from other liners, like Cunard. At the 2019 Indianapolis KISS Expo, back in May, Tommy Thayer and I got into a few discussions about the Titanic. A First Class passenger named John Borland Thayer II, his wife Marian and their son, Jack Thayer III sparked our conversation, so I thought this gift would be pretty cool, especially since the wood from Titanic’s sister ship and this particular ship, the R.M.S. Olympic also served in WW1 as a troop ship. Tommy, as are the rest of the band, a huge supporter of the military, as his late father was a war hero in WW2.

This is the keychain I gave Tommy Thayer. It is from the First Class paneling of the R.M.S. Olympic. Photo by Terri Bey c by Terri Bey.

Anyway, a couple of people I knew from KISS Expos were ahead of me and they got their photos with the band. I was waiting for my photo and KISS manager Doc McGhee recognized me as did their bodyguard. I am watching the proceedings and Tommy sees me and waves to me. That was nice that he remembered me from all those times that he met me. My turn comes and I know I have to talk fast, so I give him the present and tell him about the keychain while showing him my own keychain, as I own one myself. Oh my goodness, you should have seen the look on his face when I told him that the wood was from the R.M.S. Olympic, the sister to the R.M.S. Titanic. He said, with amazement, “Are you serious?” I said, “Yeah.” So, I wrapped my arms around him for my photo and he said, “Aww. Sweet.” After the photo, I told him how I would miss him and I HUGGED HIM!!!!!” Yes, I HUGGED TOMMY THAYER. I gave Gene and Paul fist bumps, and I said a quick hello to Eric Singer and gave him a hug and showed him the gift really fast and had to scoot. What an experience.

Tommy Thayer grooving to the music. My personal favorite photo. Photo by Terri Bey c. Terri Bey
Tommy Thayer during his guitar solo Photo by Terri Bey c. Terri Bey


David Lee Roth was my first rock concert ever. I saw him in Pittsburgh, PA as a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University in September of 1986. He had the formidable Billy Sheehan on bass, Gregg Bissonette on drums and Steve Vai, who became my all time favorite guitarist. Now, much has been made about his voice at his Las Vegas show, recently. I was a little concerned, but at last night’s show, he did a very good job, vocally. Roth was working the crowd. Roth was still a hell of a showman. He was doing his kicks, of course, not like he used to do, but it was awesome. The band was awesome, performing Van Halen classics like “Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love,” “Running With The Devil,” and “Jamie’s Crying.” David Lee Roth also performed some of his own stuff like “Tobacco Road” and “Just Like Paradise.” The only slight complaint that I had was that I wish “Just A Gigalo/Ain’t Got Nobody” was somewhere in the middle of the set, rather at the end. I thought “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love” should have been the closing number, but that is just my opinion. I loved seeing David Lee Roth and his set took me back to a lot of good memories.


What hasn’t been said about KISS that hasn’t been said? KISS is one of the greatest live acts that you will ever see, and boy, did they prove it last night at Rupp Arena. I know in my review of the March 12, 2019 EOTR Louisville stop, that it would be my final show, but when they were coming to my adopted hometown of Lexington, KY, I had to be there. I am glad I did, because this was a great show and even better than their Louisville show.

As in all their shows, KISS had the usual pyrotechnics, bombs and fire. Gene Simmons did his blood spitting and fire breathing routines. There was a great spot during the blood spitting act, which happens right after Gene’s little bass solo, before “God of Thunder,” when after he spit, Simmons said something to the effect of “God is on stage,” or something like that. It was very funny. Gene was pretty animated during this show. He threw a white, bloodied towel to someone, as well.

Anyway, Paul did his usual stage antics, like divide the crowd and have his “which side can be the loudest” contest. He did that a couple of times. Paul went out over the crowd to his little stage for “Love Gun” and “I Was Made For Loving You.” Eric Singer, who has been with KISS on and off since 1992, did his drum solo while going up in the air, and played the piano during “Beth,” with the guys coming out like on the Paul Lynde “Halloween Special,” back in 1976. Lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, who has been the band’s lead guitarist since 2002, did his guitar solo and shot rockets into the flying saucers on stage.

Musically, KISS sounded awesome, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, in particular. Gene Simmons played very well, and I was really hearing his bass-lines. I know Simmons gets a lot of grief for his stage image, but the man really can lay down those bass lines. However, Eric Singer really drives that band forward and was amazing last night. Singer, after all these years, still has that attack, skill and is also a very entertaining drummer. Paul Stanley sang well, and was in good voice.

Tommy Thayer has really come into his own, though. Thayer was on fire all night. He played all the classic leads in songs like “Detroit, Rock City,” “Cold Gin,” and the newly added “Parasite.” Thayer was tremendous playing those licks and leads that original lead guitarist Ace Frehley had written and laid down. Ace Frehley also wrote “Cold Gin” and “Parasite,” as well, so as a big Ace Frehley fan, I was THRILLED that “Parasite” was added to the set. Thayer also has become an awesome showman. I was amazed at his playing to the crowd, and his getting the crowd going. It was very fun seeing him throwing picks to the fans and interacting with them.

Other than the previously mentioned “Parasite,” the only other song that was different was “Tears Are Falling” from 1985’s “Asylum.” It was nice to see the 1980’s era, featuring the lineup of former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and late drummer Eric Carr being represented. The rest of KISS’ set list included the usual suspects, such as “Detroit, Rock City,” “Deuce,” “Love Gun,” etc., and concluded with the anthem, “Rock and Roll All Nite,” with pyrotechnics and tons of confetti.

KISS making their entrance at Rupp Arena. Photo by Terri Bey c. Terri Bey
Eric Singer on the Drums. Photo by Terri Bey. c. Terri Bey
KISS, Lexington loves you back. Photo by Terri Bey c. Terri Bey

It was a fabulous night. I will never forget it. Thank you, KISS.


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The Top Five Reasons You Can’t Blame Pete Carroll’s Decision to Not Run Marshawn Lynch at the Goal Line for the Seattle Seahawks Losing Super Bowl 49

by Terri Bey

This blog is dedicated to the late NBA legend Kobe Bean Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the seven others who perished in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families and friends at this difficult time.

Tomorrow, February 2, 2020, Super Bowl 54 will take place in Miami between the San Francisco 49ers vs the Kansas City Chiefs. Even though this blog is NOT about this year’s contest, I will make a brief prediction. This game is pretty much a contest of strength vs strength. Can the 49ers’ defense, led by DE Nick Bosa and the wily veteran DB Richard Sherman stifle the red hot offense of the Chiefs led by QB Patrick Mahomes and TE Travis Kelce? There is the old adage, “Offense puts butts in the seats, but defense wins championships.” However, as much as a former 49er fan, who still has a sweet spot for them, who would like to see the 49ers take home their sixth trophy, I think that the Chiefs have way too much firepower, unless Andy Reid turns Andy Reid. Reid’s bringing in former Philadelphia Eagles QB Donavon McNabb in for a pep-talk doesn’t bode well, but I think the Chiefs win. Chiefs 35-24.

The Super Bowl that this blog WILL be discussing is Super Bowl 49. Five years ago today, on February 1, 2015, the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks were playing in Super Bowl 49 against the New England Patriots, and lost to the Patriots by a score of 28-24, thanks in part to eventual Super Bowl MVP Patriots QB Tom Brady leading his team back from a ten point deficit and an unheralded and undrafted rookie defensive back named Malcolm Butler making a game saving interception in the endzone, when Seattle Seahawk coach Pete Carroll called for a pass play on 2nd and 1, intended for Seahawks WR Ricardo Lockette, sealing the win for the Patriots. The media and fans immediately blamed Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll for what was called “the worst call in Super Bowl history,” for the loss to the Patriots, as many felt he should have had his QB Russell Wilson hand the ball off to star RB Marshawn Lynch.

In this blog, I will be giving some reasons why you can NOT blame Pete Carroll’s decision to not run Marshawn Lynch at the goal line for the loss of Super Bowl 49. I will be using the format of an old ESPN television show called, “The Top Five Reasons You Can’t Blame..” For those who have never heard of the show, before ESPN became what I call a “hot take” machine and a Network which pushed certain agendas, ESPN channels ESPN 2 and ESPN Classics, used to have a show called, “The Top Five Reasons You Can’t Blame, which ran from April 2005 to April 2007.” Brian Kenny was the host of this show, which tackled sports controversies, by examining them in an entirely new light. This show would pretty much challenge conventional wisdom or what we now call “narratives” about people, known for their mistakes and controversial moments, by giving the case against the subject and then lists the top five reasons why the subject is not to be blamed. Reasons that did not make the cut were considered, “the best of the rest.” Such episodes were, “Top Five Reasons You Can’t Blame Steve Bartman for the Cubs 2003 Collapse.” (https://youtu.be/D6RPHVF-mko) and since this subject will be about a Super Bowl loss, “Top Five Reasons You Can’t Blame the Buffalo Bills for Losing Four Straight Super Bowls (https://youtu.be/byITM43MdDA ).

So, I hope you will enjoy this blog, as much as I liked writing it. I hope that you will be able to put what happened into a different perspective. Like the show’s format, I will be giving the case against Pete Carroll, and giving the reasons that didn’t make the cut and the five reasons you can’t blame Coach Carroll’s decision to not run Marshawn Lynch for the Seattle Seahawks’ losing Super Bowl 49.

A Quick Summary of Super Bowl 49 and the Incident Itself.

Leading up to Coach Pete Carroll’s fateful decision, in the middle of the second quarter of Super Bowl 49, the New England Patriots score first with QB Tom Brady throw a touchdown to Brandon LaFell. The extra point is good by Stephen Gostowski and the Patriots lead 7-0. The Seattle Seahawks tie up the game close the two minute warning when RB Marshawn Lynch scores a touchdown. Score is 7-7. With 36 seconds left in the first half, Tom Brady throws a touchdown to TE Rob Gronkowski. Score is 14-7 in favor of the Patriots. Due to defensive break downs by the Patriots, with 6 seconds to go in the first half, the Seahawks QB Russell Wilson connects with WR Chris Matthews with a touchdown and the score is tied, 14-14.

The second half starts and the Seahawks receive the ball and take a three point lead on a Steven Hauschka field goal, making it a 17-14 score in favor of the Seattle Seahawks. Additionally, with about 5 minutes to go in the Third Quarter, the Seahawks extend their lead to 10 points with a touchdown from Wilson to WR Doug Baldwin, who also got a 15 yard penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. The score is now 24-14, in favor of the Seahawks. In the Fourth Quarter, with 8 minutes to, Patriots QB Tom Brady cuts the Seahawks’ lead to 3 with a touchdown throw to WR Danny Amendola. The score is now, 24-21, in favor of the Seahawks. Brady then put the Patriots in front, by a score of 28-24, with a touchdown to WR Julian Edelman at the 2:06 mark in the Fourth Quarter.

Now, we get to the incident. At the 2:02 mark, at Seattle’s 20 Yard Line, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson completes a 31 yard pass to Marshawn Lynch, who takes it 31 yards. The Seahawks took their first timeout after an incomplete pass to Jermaine Kearse. The next completed pass goes to WR Ricardo Lockette at the 1:49 mark for 11 yards. At the 1:14 mark, Jermaine Kearse catches a pass for 33 yards and the Seahawks take another time out. This particular catch was known as the “basket catch,” and more on this later. At the 1:06 mark, RB Marshawn Lynch runs for 4 yards from the New England 5 Yard Line and gets up to the New England 1 yard line, but is stopped by Donte’ Hightower. Carroll calls for a pass play on second down at the New England 1 and the following happens: https://youtu.be/U7rPIg7ZNQ8

The Case Against Pete Carroll

The case against Pete Carroll that the majority of pundits on shows like ESPN, Youtubers, bloggers and internet fans make can be summed up by the name of one man. His name is Marshawn Lynch. After all, Lynch, or “Beast Mode,” as he is nicknamed, was very dependable and had been virtually unstoppable in the goal-line situation, especially during Super Bowl 49. After all, it took all that Patriots’ LB Donta Hightower had to make that play to stop Lynch from scoring the go-ahead touchdown. Some even suggested that Carroll should have used Lynch as a decoy, so Wilson could run a bootleg and score. No way should the Seahawks have passed. If you had listened to NBC announcer Cris Collinsworth, he immediately condemned the play-call.

Now, my readers, you have read about the game and the incident. You have read the case AGAINST Coach Pete Carroll’s decision to not run Marshawn Lynch at the goal line, causing the Seahawks to lose Super Bowl 49. Let’s examine some factors that are in his favor. These are choices that just missed the cut, and they’re the “best of the rest.”

The Best of the Rest

Repeat that, please?

Not since the New England Patriots, with their 2003-04 and 2004-05 Super Bowl teams, has a team won back to back titles. It is a difficult feat to get to a Super Bowl and harder to win it. It is even a tougher task to get back and win it again, because of various reasons, such as free agency, injuries to key players during the season and many other factors. Also, as defending champion, you are getting every team’s best shot, so if you are fortunate to get to a second consecutive Super Bowl, your opponent is going to give you their best shot. The Patriots certainly did not play like they were scared of Seattle, despite all the media touting the Seahawks as a potential new “Dynasty” and the second coming of the “Steel Curtain.”

The Legion of Boom were Busted Up.

In the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers, then Seahawks CB Richard Sherman came out of the game with an elbow injury, but fully practiced during Super Bowl week. Safety Earl Thomas fully practiced with a shoulder injury and Safety Kam Chancellor was a late edition with a knee. Even though they played, I was sure they were not 100% and that was a contributing factor as to why the Patriots offense for about 3/4ths of the game was able to march up and down the field on the “Legion of Boom.” Even when Brady uncharacteristically threw two interceptions, it was bad news for the Legion of Boom. CB Jeremy Lane, who intercepted the first ball, got injured and his backup, Tharold Simon (first name is not a typo) was just abused by Brady and Cliff Avril also suffered a concussion, when he intercepted Brady.

Now, onto the countdown

Reason #5: The Green Bay Packers

The 2014 NFC Championship Game was played in Seattle between the Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. Even though Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was still battling a bad calf, the team had plenty of chances to knock off the defending Super Bowl Champions. I mean, this team had the Seahawks on the ropes. They should have beaten the Seahawks. If Rodgers had been healthy, or had then head coach Mike McCarthy called a better game or had Brandon Bostick had done his job with that onside kick, in my view, the Packers would have won, and gone onto the Super Bowl. Therefore, Pete Carroll would not have even HAD to have made that fateful decision.

If reason #5 didn’t convince you, let’s try this one.

Reason #4: The Mirage of David Tyree or Lightning Fails to Strike Twice

Super Bowl 49 took place at the University of Phoenix Stadium. This is the same stadium where in Super Bowl 42, the 2007 Patriots saw their hopes of a perfect season dashed, thanks in part to the famous David Tyre “Helmet Catch,” as shown in the video: https://youtu.be/CxiHMIM4NWI .The “Helmet Catch” put the New York Giants in position for the now retired QB Eli Manning to throw the game-winning TD to WR Plaxico Burress. Likewise, in Super Bowl 49, at least in the minds of the Patriots and their fans, it was deja vu all over again, as Seattle Seahawks WR Jermaine Kearse made a similar catch, known as the “Basket Catch,” as demonstrated in the following video: https://youtu.be/fKOLqM-LnA0 . While the “Basket Catch” was able to get the Seahawks in position to win the game, had Malcolm Butler not been able to tackle Kearse, Kearse would have been able to pretty much walk into the endzone. If Kearse walks into the endzone, again, coach Carroll never makes that decision.

Are you starting to change your mind? Let’s try this one for size.

Reason #3: The Final Countdown

I am not referring to that dreadful song by the band Europe. I am referring to what “down” the team was on. When Carroll made that fateful decision, it was only 2nd down. This was a four down situation. They were down by four points. To win the game, the Seahawks had to score a touchdown. The Patriots were in a goal line defense, and just by the skin of their collective teeth had just stopped Marshawn Lynch on the first down play. Why not try a pass?

Reason #2: The Game was not over, yet.

After the Malcolm Butler interception, the Patriots were assessed a celebration penalty for getting on the field. They were backed up on their own endzone with 20 seconds left. The Seattle Seahawks defense could have done some damage in that 20 seconds. DE Michael Bennett, who unfortunately for the Seahawks was penalized for encroachment, could have wrecked havoc on the Patriots offensive line and had gotten to Brady, like he had all game and had gotten to the ball. Bennett and the other defenders could have maybe got possession of the ball and scored for a touchdown or at least get the ball back for Seattle.

Here is Reason #1…

Reason #1: The New England Patriots were the better team.

Patriots players said all Super Bowl week how they had to prepare for the Seahawks. In one of his press conference, Patriots QB Tom Brady said that he “never had to watch so much film in his life.” Brady had a monster game against the Seahawks’ “Legion of Boom,” with 4 touchdowns against 2 interceptions and threw for 328 yards. Brady was named MVP of the Super Bowl. TE Rob Gronkowski, wide receivers Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola not only scored touchdowns, but made crucial catches that helped move the chains for the Patriots offense. As I previously mentioned, the Patriots offense just had their way with the Seahawks defense.

The Patriots defense also came through at critical moments, especially LB Donta Hightower in making that incredible stop at the 1 yard line, in preventing Marshawn Lynch from scoring in the first place. As for Malcolm Butler interception, he made a great play. The man made a great play that swung the win probability from the Seahawks’ direction to the Patriots’ direction in seconds. This play is arguably the greatest play in NFL history for that reason alone. You can’t blame Carroll for not running Lynch, because he was up against a better team that day.

So, there you have it. Those are my top five reasons you CAN’T blame Pete Carroll’s decision to not run Marshawn Lynch at the goal line on the Seahawk’s losing Super Bowl 49. I hope that you will consider some of what I said and will give Pete Carroll a break. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.


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Empire Maker Remembered

by Terri Bey

There have been very few occasions when the loss of a favorite celebrity, or as the subject of this blog suggests, a racehorse, has moved me to tears. I am talking about openly weeping. I think the passing of the brilliant Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury was the last time I openly wept over a human celebrity’s passing. Yes, I was very upset to hear about the most recent passing of the equally brilliant Rush drummer Neil Peart, but I was more shocked and saddened. As far as racehorses go, when my all-time favorite racehorse Alydar tragically died on November 15, 1990, that was the last time I openly wept. His passing still hurts today, nearly 30 years later. Other than that, I hardly wept openly over any celebrity’s passing, human or equine.

Today, January 20, 2020, at about 12:30 PM, EST or so, that all changed as I read one of the worst pieces of news ever on Facebook. I had a sick feeling this morning, when I got up, that something awful was going to happen today, but I had no idea that what I read was going to be this awful, to the point where I just lost it and bawled like a baby. What I read was that horrible. I still can’t believe it, as I write about it.

On Saturday, January 18, 2020, one of my all time favorite racehorses and stallions, Empire Maker, had passed away from “a rare disease that compromised his immune system.” (https://www.thoroughbreddailynews.com/empire-maker-dies/) Empire Maker was 20 years old, as of January 1st, as North American born racehorses have their official birthdays on that date, even though Empire Maker’s actual birthday is April 27, 2000. I also wish to extend my heartfelt prayers and condolences to Gainesway Farm, Don Alberto Farm, his former jockey Jerry Bailey and especially the staff at Gainesway who saw him and worked with him every day.

Empire Maker’s passing has hit me so hard, because he was my 2003 Kentucky Derby pick. Empire Maker’s sire, Unbridled, was one of my all time favorite horses and Derby winners. I was a huge fan of Empire Maker’s trainer, Bobby Frankel. Being originally from the NY/NJ area, like Bobby Frankel, I always loved his brash attitude and the man was also a hell of a trainer. At the time that Frankel had Empire Maker in his barn for Juddmonte Farms, which owned the horse, Frankel had won just about the majority of the major stakes races, with the exception of the three Triple Crown races, the Kentucky Derby (G1), the Preakness(G1), and the Belmont Stakes (G1).

I felt that the lack of a Triple Crown race win was an unfair knock on the Hall of Fame trainer. However, as most racing fans know, Empire Maker finished second in the 2003 Derby to Funny Cide, skipped the Preakness and played spoiler in the Belmont, defeating Ten Most Wanted by about 3/4th of a length, with Funny Cide, who was going for the Triple Crown, back in third, giving Bobby Frankel his Triple Crown race at last. Besides the Belmont Stakes, at 3, Empire Maker won the Wood Memorial (G1) and the Florida Derby (G1).

Retired to stud at Juddmonte Farm, after a second place finish in the Jim Dandy Stakes (G2), Empire Maker has become a great sire. Some of Empire Maker’s offspring are the late champion mare, Royal Delta, Sky Kingdom, Pioneerof the Nile and Bodemeister. Empire Maker stood for five seasons in Japan at the Shizunai Stallion Station, where he sired runners, such as Power Gal (JPN) and Eterna Minoru (Jpn), a Group 3 winner, before being repatriated back to the United States to Gainesway Farm in an equal partnership with Don Alberto Stable.

Empire Maker has become a great sire of sires, as his late son, Pioneerof the Nile sired the great American Pharoah, who not only won the first Triple Crown in 37 years in 2015 and also won the 2015 Breeders’ Cup Classic, thus winning the “Grand Slam,” but he lead the 2019 First Crop Sire list. Pioneerof the Nile also sired 2YO Champion Classic Empire, as well. Bodemeister, who now stands in Turkey, sired Always Dreaming, the 2017 Kentucky Derby winner. I want to add that Empire Maker’s daughters are becoming influential to the breed. Seperationofpowers and Outwork are good examples of this.

Empire Maker, no doubt has had a huge part in shaping the breed, and leaves a great legacy, as well as continues the legacy of his sire, Unbridled. The sport will miss him, as will the staff at Gainesway Farm, who worked with him every day. I certainly will miss him terribly, when I go to the Open Houses that Gainesway graciously hosts. I remember how Empire Maker loved to play with the chain and when I took photos of him, there were times where he would pose and give me great shots. There were times, where he was just not having any of it and gave me some of the goofiest looks. It was during the January Open Houses, where he was a bit goofy. The grooms said that on a nice, warm sunny day, he’d stay out there all day, but when it was cold, he’d want to go back inside. Well, I could not blame Empire Maker a bit. After all, he was the ruler of his empire. He was a sweet boy, as well. The last time I ever saw him at an Open House was in November of 2019 and I got to pet him and, give him some attention. I even got my photo with him. God, do I love this horse.

On January 17, 2020, the day before Empire Maker would sadly pass, I did go to Gainesway’s Open House. I knew I wouldn’t get to see him, but I felt his presence somehow. I knew I was on the same grounds as he was. Little did I know that God was going to call Empire Maker home the following day.

Thank you, Empire Maker for shaping this breed. Thank you for American Pharoah. Without you, there would be no American Pharoah. Most of all, Empire Maker, thank you for making fans like myself so happy, either on the track, or by getting to see you at Gainesway. I miss you very much. Until we meet again, thank you for everything, Empire Maker.

c Terri Bey.
Here is Empire Maker giving me a nice pose at the November 2019 Open House at Gainesway Farm, Lexington,KY
c Terri Bey
Here I am with Empire Maker at Gainesway in November 2019
c Terri Bey
Here is one of Empire Maker’s goofy looks at the January 2019 Open House. He is like, “Who is this crazy lady with the camera in the freezing cold, taking photos of me?” “I want to get back inside.”


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Three Quarters of the 2019-20 NFL Season Gone: The Ups and the Downs.

by Terri Bey

Week 13 of the 2019-20 NFL season has come and gone. That means the 32 NFL teams are at the three quarter pole in the season, to use a racing term. We are at the point of the season where fans and experts have to keep up with which of the playoff contenders can clink playoff spots and seeds, etc. I jokingly call this point of the season, “NFL headache” season, because trying to keep up with all the scenarios gives me a “headache.”

Much has gone on during the NFL season, up to this point. There have been the usual and the unusual happenings during the season. In this blog, I will be discussing all that has been going on up to this point, by giving you the ups and the downs of the season, emphasizing the more recent events. I hope you will enjoy this blog. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.


Lamar Jackson’s leading the MVP race.

Baltimore’s dynamic QB Lamar Jackson, who played for the University of Louisville, has been amazing. I can not find anymore words to describe this wonderful player. Jackson makes great throws with his arms and is dangerous when he runs out of the pocket. Even though he was held to 105 passing yards against the San Francisco 49ers, Jackson made great plays with his legs and lead his team down the field for the game winning field goal, kicked by Justin Tucker.

I do agree with the experts that Lamar Jackson is an outstanding player. I am not trying to take that away from him. What concerns me with Jackson is how the experts say, “Jackson has changed the game.” Well, they said that about the following quarterbacks: Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs), Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers), Michael Vick *(Atlanta Falcons), Robert Griffin III* (Washington Redskins) and Randall Cunningham*(Philadelphia Eagles), as well. Well, Jackson has a very similar style to the QBs I mentioned. Some of these quarterbacks suffered serious injuries because of the way they played. I also would like to know if Jackson can last 15 years, like Saints QB Drew Brees, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, Patriots QB Tom Brady, etc., playing the style of quarterback the way he does. He is fun to watch. I just hope he can last.

*= As these quarterbacks played on multiple teams, I just mentioned the teams that drafted them.

Richard Sherman pays off school lunch debt.

This is a bit of an off the field newsbit, but San Francisco 49ers DB Richard Sherman paid $27,000 in student lunch debt to two schools, one in California and the other in Washington State, per ABC News’ website. Per the article, Sherman “gave the principal at Cabrillo Middle School in Santa Clara, California, a “personal check” for $7,491.27 to clear the cafeteria’s outstanding bill” on November 23rd. The day prior, Sherman received the NFLPA’s award as Week 11 Community MVP. Sherman won the award for his work with his organizations, the Richard Sherman Family Foundation and Blanket Coverage Foundation. Last month, Sherman gave over $20,000 to the Tacoma Public Schools to wipe out the students’ lunch debt.

You can read the article here: https://abcnews.go.com/US/super-bowl-champion-richard-sherman-clears-27000-schools/story?id=67370302&cid=clicksource_4380645_null_headlines_hed

First of all, I think this is a great gesture by Sherman. We fans, bloggers and all need to hear and report more positive news about the players and what they do for the community. I think it is wonderful to see Richard Sherman paying off the debts, so kids can get their school lunches. Great job, Mr. Sherman.


Carolina Panthers fire head coach Ron Rivera.

First, Washington fired Jay Gruden in-season, now the Carolina Panthers shockingly fired head coach Ron Rivera on December 3rd, with four games left. I had a sick feeling that Rivera would be fired, but I thought it would be after the season. I knew that he was in trouble, when the Panthers lost to the aforementioned Washington team, but I didn’t think he’d be fired. What also hurt him was missing the playoffs in the last few years, and I don’t think QB Cam Newton’s health, or rather, the lack of it, helped Rivera’s case at all. I am pretty sure when other job openings come up at the end of the season, Rivera’s name will pop up. I wish him the best.

The Cleveland Browns are nothing but clowns.

Remember all the pre-season hype about the Cleveland Browns? You had all the ESPN and FS1 experts and hot takers putting them in the playoffs and in the Super Bowl. Some called them the best team in the AFC, before a regular season game was even played, based on all the talent the team had. Well, there is a book by Geoffrey Colvin named, ” Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else.” The main point of the book is that people who are great at their craft, such as New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, the late Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Chuck Noll, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers become great not because of their natural talent, but because they are diligent at practicing their craft. It is their discipline to perfecting their craft that that makes them great at what they do. The same goes for geniuses like composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig Van Beethoven, etc.

The Cleveland Browns DO have talent, if you look at the team. They have QB Baker Mayfield, two talented WRs in Odell Beckham Jr., and Jarvis Landry, and a very talented defense. However, this team can not seem to put it all together. The main reason is that they create too many penalties and judging from that melee with the Pittsburgh Steelers on national television, which saw their star defender, Myles Garrett, suspended for the rest of the 2019 season at the very least, the Browns are a very undisciplined team in general. Unless you have been living under a rock, Garrett has been suspended, because he hit Steelers QB Mason Rudolph in the head with Rudolph’s own helmet, which Garrett ripped off in said melee.

This all comes back to coaching. Freddie Kitchens, who is the head coach of the Cleveland Browns needed to be fired, yesterday. This man has no business being a head coach. The man’s decision making is horrendous. Against the New England Patriots, Kitchens had the offense take a 5 yard penalty, making it 4th and 16, claiming it would make it easier on the offense to convert, as he “didn’t want to take a timeout.” On the play, Mayfield got sacked, and the hapless Browns lost all chance to make a comeback. I still, to this day, could not believe he did that. More recently, Kitchens and his family went to see the new film, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” about Mr. Rodgers, who was based in Pittsburgh. At the behest of one of his daughters, Kitchens wore a sweatshirt stating, “Pittsburgh started it,” referring to the melee. As everyone knows, the Steelers “ended it,” by defeating the Browns in their Week 13 rematch. Kitchens should have known better than to wear such a shirt. It looked unprofessional on his part. He needs to go.

Please, NFL. Ditch the Pass Interference (PI) rule.

I am just joking now, but boy, do I want to strangle Saints head coach Sean Payton, the New Orleans Saints front office and anyone with Saints gear on. This Pass Interference rule has to go. I don’t get it. If teams are going to be able to challenge PI, I would like to know how “clear and obvious” does the PI have to be for Al Riveron, the Senior Vice President of Officiating of the NFL, to overturn it? One example was during the Week 11 meeting between the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans, Baltimore CB Marlon Humphrey appeared to have committed a textbook example of defensive pass interference against Houston WR D’Andre Hopkins, which wasn’t called. The Texans challenged and lost. I watched the replay over and over, and it surely looked like pass interference to me. I wondered if Riveron and the refs were the Three Blind Mice.

I really don’t understand why this rule exists at all. As we NFL fans know, pass interference is a judgement call. Referees are already under pressure to get these call right, and they are ruining the game as it is with many of these ticky tack calls. Let’s face it. That call that went against the Saints in that NFC Championship game was horrible. No one is disputing this. However, earlier in the game, the Saints got away with a facemask penalty, when one of their defenders grabbed Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff by his facemask.

Besides, good teams overcome bad calls. If you remember, the bad no-call happened at the end of the FOURTH QUARTER of said NFC Championship game. The game also went into OVERTIME, if people remember. The Saints STILL had a chance to overcome the bad call by marching down the field in overtime and scoring the TD, and the game would have been over, and the Saints would have gone to SB53. What happened? Saints QB Drew Brees threw an INT, and we all know the rest.

My point is that I just didn’t see the need for a rule change, just because the NFL decided to overreact to an obviously bad call.

Tom Brady bashing is a cottage industry.

Well, when the New England Patriots lost to the Houston Texans in their Week 13 matchup, it was as predictable as KISS ending their shows with “Rock and Roll All Night.” The Tom Brady bashing cottage industry was up and running. You had Shannon Sharpe on FS1 saying, “Brady’s mediocre.” You had Max Kellerman spewing his usual nonsense. FS1’s Nick Wright spews such stupidity about Tom Brady that it’s not even WORTH writing about. The Boston media, and even some fans are even slamming the man who has led this team to 9 Super Bowl appearances and has won 6 titles.

Tom Brady has to be the most hated and envied athlete in sports, or at least ONE of them. Much of the stuff being said about him this season is intellectually dishonest. I mean, he is being blamed for the offensive woes in New England. Let’s discuss this. The receiving core all season has been outright horrendous. WR Josh Gordon didn’t work out, and is now in Seattle. The team could not replace the now-retired TE Rob Gronkowski, who is sorely missed. Unless you are living under a rock, WR Antonio Brown lasted 9 days with the team, because he and his representatives did not tell the Patriots that a lawsuit could possibly be coming and the guy could not stay off social media for five minutes, figuratively speaking. Brown’s taking shots at Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s legal issues did not help him, either.

Let’s see. Brady is throwing to WR Jakobi Meyers, a rookie, WR Phillip Dorsett, Mohamed Sanu, rookie and 2019 first round draft pick Harry and a 34 year old Julian Edelman. TE Matt LaCosse is the main TE. I am not bashing any of these guys, but Edelman is the only one that Brady seems to trust the most. The rest of the guys need to pick it up. These guys also need to do better at getting open. Brady is also playing behind an offensive line that has not been as stable as years past. Center David Andrews is out for the year with blood clots. Backup center Ted Karras has been doing a pretty decent job, but went down with an MCL injury against the Texans, and it looks like Jim Ferentz will be taking over as center for a few games. Left Tackle Isaiah Wynn has missed over half the season with a toe/foot injury and has just come back, so the offensive line has not been protecting Brady as well as usual. Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels’ play-calling at times leaves something to be desired as well.

Brady’s mood has become a “thing.” I have never seen a player’s mood be discussed and scrutinized. Well, if your arm strength is still good, which Brady’s is, and if your football and general intellect is still great, which Brady’s is, despite what the prognosticators of doom say, and all the front office gives you to “go to battle on the football field” is the equivalent of a knife to a gun fight, I would think that Brady would be in a sour mood at times. I am not in Brady’s head, and I don’t work for the Patriots, but I am guessing that if I, as a blogger can see that the offense is having a hard time putting up points with those weapons he has, Brady can figure it out as well.

Do I hold Brady responsible for some of the issues on offense? Sure, but I would say about 10% at most. My point is that I am just tired of seeing Brady put under so much scrutiny, when others are given passes. On Sunday Night Football, in their Week 12 game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Packers got smoked by a score of 37-8. Well, pundits like Stephen A. Smith and others said that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers deserved “no blame” for the loss. When Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes threw his first INT, Max Kellerman tried to make excuses for it and said on TV that it didn’t really count. However, when Brady threw an INT and even with this latest loss to the Texans, these pundits start this “Brady is washed up.” nonsense. I hear this double standard, and it drives me up the wall.

Brady is the greatest NFL QB ever, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others who know the sport better than I. Brady deserves a ton better than what he is getting from disrespectful hot takers like Shannon Sharpe, Max Kellerman, Nick Wright, Bart Scott, Stephen A Smith, Rob Parker, Mike Greenberg, and others, especially those on ESPN. These people never treated Peyton Manning this way, especially when Manning was about to end his career. Tom Brady’s set records and has accomplished so much in his NFL career and in his life. Brady deserves better treatment and more respect. Brady is nearing the end of his career. People should be giving Brady the respect he deserves on his way out. When Tom Brady finally retires, the Brady bashing cottage industry will shut down, and the aforementioned haters won’t have Brady “to kick around anymore.”


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Preview and Picks for the 36th Annual Breeders’ Cup World Championships

by Terri Bey

On November 1-2, 2019, Santa Anita Racetrack will be hosting the 36th annual Breeders’ Cup World Championships. The Breeders’ Cup World Championships are the equivalent of the Super Bowl, or the just completed World Series for horse racing, where thoroughbreds come from all over the world to compete for championships in all different categories. Races will be run on turf and on dirt surfaces, and will be run in sprint races and in races up to a mile and a half. NBCSN and NBC will be showing the races live with over 10 hours of live coverage. Viewers can catch coverage on TVG as well. Racing fans like myself wait all year for this event and come from all over to attend. Next year, the event comes to Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington, KY where I live and I can’t wait to attend. I went in 2015, when Keeneland first hosted the event, when 2015 Triple Crown winner American Pharoah just obliterated that field in the Breeders’ Cup Classic and had so much fun.

In this blog, I will be giving a preview of each race and giving my top three horses and a long shot special, along with the horse I think will win. I am also going to add a little twist to this. I am also going to add which horse I WANT to win. If I don’t have a preference as to who wins, I will say so. I hope that you will enjoy this blog. This is one of my favorite blogs to do, as horse racing is my favorite sport. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Day 1 of the 36th Annual Breeders’ Cup World Championships:

  • Date: November 1, 2019
  • Track: Santa Anita Racetrack
  • Network: NBCSN
  • Time: 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. EDT

Post Time: 4:12 PM EDT

Image: Breeders Cup Twitter @BreedersCup

We are starting with the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint. I am not familiar with a lot of these horses, so this will be a guess. It is going to be hard to go against the Wesley Ward horses, Kimari and Four Wheel Drive. Chimney Rock looked like he had won the Indian Summer Stakes at Keeneland, but Kimari came from last to first to run him and the rest of the horses down. The Ward trained Cambria has won all three of her races, but they have been at Presque Isle Downs and Kentucky Downs.

  • PICKS:
  • Top Three: Four Wheel Drive, Kimari, Chimney Rock
  • Long Shot Special: Cambria
  • Who I want to win: No favorite.
  • Winner of the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf: Kimari

The next race will be the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf Presented by Coolmore America.

Post Time: 4:52 PM EDT

Image: Breeders’ Cup Twitter

Again, I am going to make a couple of guesses here. There are a few horses I like, just on instinct. I know Chad Brown has Structor, and I should know better than to try to beat Mr. Brown, especially on turf, but Christophe Clement is no slouch on the turf, and I think he is due for his first Breeders’ Cup victory with , Decorated Invader, a son of Declaration of War, who also has another son running named Peace Achieved, who Mark Casse trains. Aidan O’Brien trains the favorite, Arizona. Mr. O’Brien won this race in 2017 with Mendelssohn, who now stands stud at Ashford Stud in Versailles, KY. If you are looking for a long shot, and are a fan of the film, “Goodfellas,” the horse for you is the Peter Miller trained Billy Batts. I wonder if he will tell the other horses to “go home and get their bleeping shineboxes.” if he wins.

  • PICKS:
  • Top Three: Peace Achieved, Structor, Decorated Invador
  • Long Shot Special: Billy Batts
  • Who I want to win: Billy Batts or either of the two horses sired by Declaration of War.
  • Winner of the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf Presented by Coolmore America: Peace Achieved

The next race will be the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Filles.

Post Time: 5:32 PM EDT

Image: Breeders’ Cup Twitter

There are a few horses that could win this race, but the ones I like are Bast, trained by Bob Baffert, the Doug O’Neill trained Lazy Daisy, who is sired by miracle horse Paynter, and Wicked Whisper, trained by Steven Asmussen. Bast has been training well, and has been sensational in her preps for the Juvenile Fillies. I thought Lazy Daisy was very impressive in the Pocahontas Stakes at Churchill Downs, and I think she moves forward. Wicked Whisper is undefeated in two starts, including the Frizette Stakes. I really like the daughter of Liam’s Map here.

  • PICKS:
  • Top Three: Bast, Lazy Daisy, Wicked Whisper
  • Long Shot Special: Two Sixty
  • Who I want to win: Lazy Daisy or Bast
  • Winner of the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Filles: Bast

The next race will be the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf.

Post Time: 6:12 PM EDT

Image: Breeders’ Cup Twitter

Well, this is another race that I am going to try to analyze. The race favorite appears to be Albigna (IRE), trained by Mrs. John Harrington. Albigna has won 3 out of 4 starts. Her last win was the Qatar Prix Marcel Boussac-Criterium des Pouliches at Longchamp. Another favorite is Sweet Melania, trained by Todd Pletcher. Sweet Melania has been in the money in all 5 of her starts and she won the JPMorgan Chase Jessamine Stakes at Keeneland, last time out. It is tough to overlook another Chad Brown entry in Selflessly, who won the Miss Grillo Stakes back in late September, last time out. Both Selflessly and Sweet Melania drew poorly for their running styles. My picks here are going to be guesses. One of the other Euros, such as Daahyeh or the Aidan O’Brien trained Tango could put the upset, if the favorites fail to fire.

  • Top Three: Sweet Melania, Tango, Selflessly
  • Long Shot Special: Etoile
  • Who I want to win: Don’t care.
  • Winner of the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf: Selflessly

The next race will be the TVG Breeders’ Cup Juvenile

Post Time: 7:03 PM EDT

Image: Breeders’ Cup Twitter

I should start by saying that unfortunately, #9 Maxfield has been scratched due to some injury to his right front leg. It is NOT SERIOUS. I am glad to see that the connections put the horse first. I do hope that Maxfield gets better soon. I feel badly for the horse and his connections as this is a big moment and I thought that he had a huge shot at this race, but as we racing fans know, the horse’s health comes first, and even though we are disappointed when they can’t perform due to health reasons, we fans understand and are supportive. I just wish fans of HUMAN athletes were as understanding when their HUMAN athletes or celebrities can’t perform due to health reasons.

Alright, I will get off the soapbox, and continue the analysis. This is a race where a couple of horses could win this. Let’s start with the beautifully bred, but quirky favorite Eight Rings. He is trained by Bob Baffert, and recently won the American Pharoah Stakes by six lengths. Eight Rings is sired by 2003 Belmont Winner Empire Maker out of an Arch mare named Purely Hot. Eight Rings is also very quirky, as he threw his then jockey Drayden Van Dyke in the Del Mar Futurity. Eight Rings has a new jockey in John Velasquez, who rode the horse to victory in the American Phoroah, and wears blinkers. I expect him to be in the mix for this race. The Dale Romans trained Dennis’ Moment is another horse that I like to win this race. Dennis’ Moment made a very nice move in a stalking position in the Iriquois Stakes at Churchill Downs, last time. He held off a late charging Scabbard in that race, who had some trouble trying to get through on the rail. If a fast pace develops in the race and falls apart, I think Scabbard could possibly make some noise. I would definitely use him in your exotic wager. Storm the Court has already tangled with Eight Rings. However, he has a good record at Santa Anita and could surprise.

  • PICKS”
  • Top Three: Eight Rings, Dennis’ Moment, Scabbard
  • Who I want to win: Eight Rings or Dennis’ Moment
  • Winner of the TVG Breeders’ Cup Juvenile: Eight Rings

Day 2 of the 36th Annual Breeders’ Cup World Championships:

  • Date: November 2, 2019
  • Track: Santa Anita Racetrack
  • Network (First 8 BC Races): NBCSN
  • Network (BC Classic): NBC
  • Time (First 8 BC Races): 3:30 – 8:00 p.m. EDT
  • Time (BC Classic) : 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. EDT

Post Time: 2:55 PM EDT Note: Per Breederscup.com, it says coverage starts at 3:30pm EST on NBCSN. I would advise if you have that channel to turn it on early or check TVG, or if you have a Twinspires account like I do, go to that.

Image: Breeders’ Cup Twitter

Breeders’ Cup Saturday kicks off with the Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Sprint. This field is jammed pack with some excellent filly sprinters. Even though she drew poorly, I still like the favorite, Covfefe. The daughter of Into Mischief has been sensational both at Keeneland and at Churchill Downs. I have been fortunate to have seen her race at Keeneland. She is something special. The one hole is not exactly where I’d want her to be, but I think Joel Rosario will be able to ration out her speed. Come Dancing, Bellafina and Spiced Perfection will be Covfefe’s main challengers, and I like any of them to hit the board.

The next race will be the Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprint.

Post Time:  3:33 PM EDT

Image: Breeders’ Cup Twitter

Can Stormy Liberal find his form? How about Om, one of only two horses to ever defeat American Pharoah? The horse that I like is Pure Sensation, trained by Christophe Clement. Other than that, I really don’t have much of an opinion on this race.

Note: The above image does NOT include #s 13 and 14, so here is a link to the entire field. https://www.breederscup.com/races/turf-sprint

  • PICKS:
  • Top Three: Pure Sensation, Om, Stormy Liberal
  • Long Shot Special: Girls Know Best
  • Who I want to win: Pure Sensation
  • Winner of the Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprint: Pure Sensation

The next race will be the Big Ass Fans Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile.

Post Time: 4:10 PM EDT

Image: Breeders’ Cup Twitter

There are a few horses that I like in this race. The favorite is obviously the Richard Mandella trained Omaha Beach, who has had a very up and down year, to say the least. He was scratched from the Kentucky Derby as the favorite, because of a trapped epiglottis. He took a longer than usual time to recover. He returned to the races with a victory in the Santa Anita Sprint Championship Stakes and is entered in this race. Another horse that I like is Improbable, the Baffert trainee. Mr. Money last finished second in the Pennsylvania Derby, cuts back to a mile. I like his chances here.

  • PICKS:
  • Top Three: Omaha Beach, Mr. Money, Improbable
  • Long Shot Special: Giant Expectations
  • Who I want to win: Omaha Beach
  • Winner of the Big Ass Fans Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile: Omaha Beach

The next race will be the Maker’s Mark Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Turf.

Post Time: 4:54 PM EDT

Image: Breeders’ Cup Twitter

First of all, THAIS has been scratched from this race, per Breederscup.com. I feel badly for the connections, and hope she is going to be okay.

Now, to the race, the horse to beat in this race is trained by, you guessed it, Chad Brown. Her name is Sistercharlie (IRE) and she has been sensational. She has won all three of her starts this year, albeit on the East Coast. Chad Brown has done a great job with her. The only other challengers I see are Vasilika and the Aidan O’Brien horse, Fleeting. I recommend Mirth as your long shot special.

  • PICKS:
  • Top Three: Fleeting, Vasilika, Sistercharlie
  • Long Shot Special: Mirth
  • Who I want to win: Sistercharlie
  • Winner of the Maker’s Mark Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Turf: Sistercharlie

5:36 PM EDT

Image: Breeders’ Cup Twitter

This race is Mitole’s to lose. He is no doubt the best sprinter in the field. Unless he has a bad start, I think he is the winner. Other horses who might have a shot are Shancelot, Imperial Hint and Catalina Cruiser. I do think Catalina Cruiser and Shancelot have the best chances to put the upset, as they have experience over the Santa Anita track. Imperial Hint did beat Mitole in the Alfred G. Vanderbilt Handicap this year as well. My long shots are either Firenze Fire or Whitmore, if either can return to previous form.

  • PICKS:
  • Top Three: Mitole, Imperial Hint, Catalina Cruiser
  • Long Shot Special: Whitmore
  • Who I want to win: Mitole
  • Winner of the Breeders’ Cup Sprint: Mitole

The next race will be the TVG Breeders’ Cup Mile.

Post Time: 6:20 PM EDT

Image: Breeders Cup Twitter

Again, we have Uni (GB), another favorite trained by Chad Brown. What else is new? The next thing we will know that water is wet. Seriously though, I think this race will come down between Uni and the filly Got Stormy, who is facing males in this race. Other than another favorite named Circus Maximus (IRE), trained by Aidan O’Brien, I see mostly long shots, including Bolo who finished 10th in the City of Hope Mile at Santa Anita last time out. This race should be interesting, to say the least.

  • PICKS:
  • Top Three: Get Stormy, Uni, Circus Maximus
  • Long Shot Special: Without Parole
  • Who I want to win: Get Stormy
  • Winner of the TVG Breeders’ Cup Mile: Uni

The next race will be the Longines Breeders’ Cup Distaff.

Post Time: 7:00 PM EDT

Image: Breeders’ Cup Twitter

Just like the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile, this is another race where you can make a case for a few horses. I want to add that in my opinion, this race has the best field as far as talent from top to bottom. With the exception of maybe a couple of horses, it wouldn’t surprise me if any of them won it, given their talent. If you want some value and want to try to beat the heavy favorite Midnight Bisou, I would go with Ollie’s Candy as your long shot special. She has run well at Santa Anita, and she has a great backstory ( https://www.drf.com/news/ollies-candy-breeders-cup-distaff-surprise-package-plain-brown-wrapper?type= ) . Dunbar Road is also high on my list of possible winners, being that she won the Alabama and Mother Goose Stakes. Can she win coming to the West Coast? Paradise Woods runs well at Santa Anita and was last seen winning the Zenatta Stakes last time out. I would include her in your exotics. Street Band won the Cotillion at Parx Racing last time out. If there is a fast pace up front, I think she may come flying at the end.

Of course, there is Horse of the Year candidate and the heavily favored Midnight Bisou. I admit I am a huge fan of this mare. She will be sold after this race at the November Fasig-Tipton Sales in Lexington, KY. She is undefeated in 7 starts this year. Should she win on Saturday, she will be in the running for Horse of the Year.

  • Top Three: Midnight Bisou, Dunbar Road, Paradise Woods
  • Long Shot Special: Ollie’s Candy
  • Who I want to win: Midnight Bisou
  • Winner of the Longines Breeders’ Cup Distaff: Midnight Bisou

The next race will be the Longines Breeders’ Cup Turf.

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I don’t know how anyone can go against the favorite Bricks and Mortar. This will be his last race before he starts stud duty in Japan. It has been a pleasure to watch this horse run, and he will be missed. Running him at 1 1/2 miles after a layoff will be a challenge, but Chad Brown will have him ready. The other two horses that I like in here are the other favorite, Anthony Van Dyck (IRE) and Old Persian (GB). Should Bricks and Mortar win this race, I think he would be named Horse of the Year, should Midnight Bisou lose the Distaff. It is kind of sad that for one horse to have a better chance of winning an end of the year award, another has to lose, but that is how it goes sometimes. Good luck to all and safe trip, regardless.

  • Top Three: Bricks and Morter, Anthony Van Dyck, Old Persian
  • Long Shot Special: Acclimate
  • Who I want to win: Bricks and Mortar
  • Winner of the Longines Breeders’ Cup Turf: Bricks and Mortar

Finally, we will discuss the Longines Breeders’ Cup Classic.

Post Time: 8:44 PM EDT on NBC. This is the ONLY Breeders” Cup that will be on NBC.

Image: Breeders Cup’ Twitter

Finally, we are at the grand finale of the 36th annual Breeders’ Cup World Championships, the Breeders’ Cup Classic. In years past, this race has decided the coveted title of the Eclipse Award for Horse of the Year. However, in recent past, winners of this race have not won Horse of the Year for various reasons such as last year’s winner, Accelerate (Justify‘s Triple Crown win), the 2008 winner Raven’s Pass (Curlin had a better overall year), and most notably the 2010 winner Blame (a makeup HOY award for Zenyatta). I don’t think this year’s race will determine Horse of the Year either, unless the top candidates (Bricks and Mortar and Midnight Bisou) both lose their races. However, should one of the 3YOs win it, I think this race could help determine the Outstanding 3YO contest.

There are a few horses in in here, who I think have a real shot to win this race. Code of Honor, who was placed second in the 2019 Kentucky Derby and won the Travers Stakes has a real shot to win this. He also was placed first in the Jockey Gold Cup as Vino Rosso was disqualified from first. Vino Rosso also has a great shot in here, and has won the Gold Cup at this very track. Should he run his race, even with that #10 position, I think he may be the horse to beat. Higher Power could be one to watch. He finished third in the Awesome Again Stakes at Santa Anita, despite starting poorly. I love McKenzie, who is trained by Bob Baffert. As much as I love him, I would advise bettors to put him in their exotics, but I don’t think he is a mile and a quarter horse. I think he might hit the board, but that is all. Elate has a chance to become the second female horse to win the Classic since Zenyatta. I love this filly, and outside of Vino Rosso and Code of Honor, this field is just so so. I think she has a shot.

  • Top Three: Vino Rosso, Elate, Code of Honor
  • Long Shot Special: Mongolian Groom
  • Who I want to win: Elate and Vino Rosso
  • Winner of the Longines Breeders’ Cup Classic: Vino Rosso

Well, that wraps up my blog. I hope you enjoyed it. I want to emphasized that these picks are just my opinion. I am not a racing or betting expert by any means. If you are going to bet, please bet WITH your head and NOT OVER it. Good luck betting.

I also want to wish all the horses and their connections good luck, and I wish all the horses and jockeys a safe trip, no matter the results. Come back safely. I wish a safe and successful Breeders’ Cup for all involved.

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The Ups and Downs of the First Half of the 2019-20 NFL Season

by Terri Bey

The first half of the 2019-20 NFL Season has flown by, and there has been some very interesting things going on in the National Football League. At this writing, the trading deadline is fast approaching and there has been some trading. During the first half of the current season, there has been some great playing, poor playing, and of course drama and controversy, much of it media driven. Who needs Soap Operas, when the NFL will suffice?

In this blog, I will be discussing all the ups and downs of the 2019-20 NFL Season. I will discuss what is awesome and what is not. Trust me. There is plenty of events that have happened in the first eight weeks of the NFL season to put in both categories. So without further ado, here is my blog. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.


An ACTUAL race for the MVP of the league.

Yes, my readers, there is an actual race for the MVP of the NFL. There are several players who have a great chance at this point in the season to walk away with the top prize. Let’s look at them. They are, along with their stats as follows: Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes (2,180 yards for 15 TDs against 1 INT), Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey (735 yards for 8 TDs and had 39 receiving yards), Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers (2,324 yards for 16 TDs against 2 INTs, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson (2,127 yards for 17 TDs against 1 INT), and Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson (2,233 yards for 16 TDs against 5 INTs.) I realize that in the minds of the experts, the race is in between Aaron Rodgers and the ailing Patrick Mahomes. Before I continue, I want to wish Mahomes a speedy recovery and I am praying for him.

The candidate that I personally like is Deshaun Watson of the Texans. This young man is electrifying to watch. He has the stats to match, and since the offensive line is starting to play together a lot better, Watson is at the point where he can put the team on his shoulders. The team is going to need to depend more on Watson even more, now that DT J.J. Watt is once again out for the season with a pectoral muscle tear. I also pray for Watt to come back healthy.

I do have to add that if a one Dante Scarnecchia, the offensive line coach in New England can get the New England Patriots’ offensive line straightened out, as he admittedly said he needs to do, I think a one Tom Brady, who plays quarterback could make a run in the deep stretch and make a case for himself. I am looking at his stats up to this point where Brady has thrown for 2,251 yards and 13 TDs and 4 INTs, and I think he might have a puncher’s chance at the title as well.

Two Undefeated Teams Left

In speaking of the New England Patriots, they and and the San Francisco 49ers are the two undefeated teams left at this point in the season. Much of the media attention is going to a possible “undefeated season” for the Patriots, as they went 16-0 in 2007. However, I think what should get some attention is the fact that there is a possibility that the 49ers could go undefeated or maybe BOTH could go undefeated. I am on record as saying that I don’t think any team with go undefeated because there are just too many variables like a bad day at the office, and the usual, “any given Sunday or Monday Night or Thursday Night.” I think this is a great accomplishment for both teams to have achieved at this point.

Carolina Panther DE Gerald McCoy got a little help from his friends.

This is one of the most positive stories I have heard all season. Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers DE Gerald McCoy, who now plays for the Carolina Panthers, could not make his son Marcellus’ “Senior Night” at Tampa Catholic High School, because the Panthers had already flown to California for their Week 8 matchup against the 49ers. Well, three of McCoy’s friends and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates QB Jameis Winston, linebacker Lavonte David, wide receiver Mike Evans and offensive lineman Donavan Smith went to the “Senior Night” in support. They sent McCoy a video as well. ( https://www.panthers.com/news/gerald-mccoy-humbled-by-former-buccaneers-teammates-attending-his-son-s-senior-d )

This story nearly moved me to tears. It showed me that sports in general brings people together. Even if teammates move on to other teams, there is a brother and/or sisterhood when you play with someone for a long period of time. Over that time, you can develop a bond with people that in cases like this are never broken. We can all learn from this.

Bill Belichick gets 300th win.

In their Week 8 win against the Cleveland Browns, the New England Patriots reached a new landmark for their famous coach, Bill Belichick. Belichick won his 300th game, including playoffs. There is also something interesting about that win. Belichick’s first victory as a head coach was when he was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns, they beat the New England Patriots. Well, his 300th victory came at the expense of the Cleveland Browns. Seriously, this is a great milestone, and while people either love him or hate him, the man is one of, if not the greatest coach ever. Congratulations Coach Belichick.


BOTH Ohio based NFL teams.

Both NFL teams in the state of Ohio are dumpster fires this year. One has been for years, and continues to be. That would be the Cincinnati Bengals. The other got a little bit of success, and got all these talented players in the off-season, and then many of the so-called “experts” started handing them the AFC North and even started putting them in the Super Bowl. This team also features one of the most arrogant QBs I have seen. That would be the Cleveland Browns.

Let me start with the Cincinnati Bengals. I don’t know if ineptitude is in the motto of the team, but this team is going nowhere fast. The trade deadline is past. WR A.J. Green is gone after the season is over and the Bengals wouldn’t move him and get SOMETHING for him? The team also evidently wanted the moon for TE Tyler Eifert. The Bengals just benched their starting QB Andy Dalton. What is wrong with this team? They are 0-8. This team needs a new owner. Period.

Now, let’s discuss the OTHER Ohio team. Oh brother, what a mess. If you watched their Week 8 match-up against the Patriots, you would have seen their ineptitude in a nutshell. With the exception of periods where the team ran the ball well with RB Nick Chubb, the Cleveland Browns showed a national audience that they surely were not ready for the big time. They were not deserving of all the hype they were getting. Right out of the starting gate, this team was unprepared, and they had a bye week, and they were going up against the Patriots who were coming off of a short week. The first three Browns offensive drives were: Fumble by Chubb returned by Patriots defense for TD, Chubb runs and almost makes it to the endzone when caught by Patriots DB Jonathan Jones who causes Chubb to fumble it again and Patriots recover, and interception to Patriots defender Laurence Guy.

The Browns’ were so undisciplined. Just like the game against the Seahawks, the Browns could not get out of their own way. The Browns made so many penalties in the Patriot game. There were so many false starts and holding penalties. It comes from poor coaching. Head coach Freddie Kitchens was awful. The team ran out of challenges because Kitchens made two bone-headed challenges and lost both of them. The first one was when it was clear to anyone, including Ray Charles, that Patriots WR Mohammed Sanu got the first down and the other was when the Browns were nailed for pass interference on a pick play. Whomever gave Kitchens advice to challenge both of those needs to be fired. Losing the challenges also hurt the team when it came to their timeouts, as when you lose a challenge, you have a timeout taken from you.

The sad thing is that in many of these games, the Browns defense usually plays well enough for the team to win, like against the Patriots. The Browns team has a lot of talent, especially on offense. The team needs a head coach that can soothe all these egos and be able to get them to play together as a well oiled machine. Kitchens may be a good offensive coordinator, but I don’t think he is a good coach.


You all didn’t think I would NOT comment about the refereeing in the NFL, did you? Tampa Bay Buccaneer head coach Bruce Arians and others have been quite vocal about the inconsistent refereeing. I agree with him. One thing I totally agree with him is that incompetent referees need to be held accountable. There is so much riding on these games, such as playoff positions, wins, seasons, and jobs. I know there is the “human element,” but I am tired of the excuses. These referees have jobs. They need to do their jobs correctly. They need to be held accountable for the jobs they do.

Is Sports Media becoming TMZ?

I am not an either/or person. I usually don’t like what society and discussion has become lately, this zero-sum routine. However, I do wonder about sports media and what it is becoming, especially concerning the NFL, and how it reports on certain teams, especially how it reports on one particular team. I know sports is entertainment. I get that. However, do sports fans really need to know about which sports star is in some “Twitter feud” with another sports star? Is that really important? Some time ago, on the ESPN show, “Get Up,” former NFL head coach Rex Ryan and show regular said that Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield was “overrated.” Well, Mayfield, who has an opinion on EVERYTHING, responded and then we had a little back and forth between Mayfield and Ryan. Why is this necessary?

I now will talk about the most recent drama that ESPN, of course, cooked up about, who else, Tom Brady. ESPN’s obsession with trying to discredit Tom Brady and the Patriots for the past 20 years is something I will never understand. On Monday Night Football, during Week 7 when the Patriots just destroyed the New York Jets, ESPN’s Adam Schefter made some claim that Tom Brady might be leaving New England on the basis that he is selling his house and Brady’s trainer, Alex Guerrero is also selling his house. When the pre-game co-host profootball Hall of Famer Randy Moss pressed Schefter about it, Schefter clammed up.

So, now this “issue” about “Brady’s future” has become a story. We have Schefter and his fellow minions in other media parroting something that has been known since AUGUST. Everyone, including Schefter, already knew that Brady’s contract ends after this season. Everyone, including Schefter, already knew that Brady is selling his house. Everyone, including Schefter, already knew that Brady will be a free agent. Everyone, including Schefter, already knew that Brady could go back to the Patriots, sign with someone else, or retire after this season. Everyone, including Schefter, already knew that Bill Belichick coaches the team and Bob Kraft owns the team, and that would attract Brady. Why is this a story NOW? Even Brady doesn’t even know.

Of course, there is the usual discrediting of the Patriots by the media. The new line is “they haven’t beaten anybody.” These media folks are saying this about the 49ers as well, but not as much as about the Patriots. Well, that expression is one of the dumbest expressions ever. The Patriots don’t make the schedule. No team makes the schedule. People need to stop being lazy and go to a search engine and look up how the NFL schedule is made. Every team plays the teams on the schedule at the time they get that team. I even heard this about 2015 Triple Crown winner American Pharoah. “He didn’t beat anybody.” Likewise, American Pharoah beat only the horses who faced him in the three Triple Crown races.

That is my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.


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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/giopontifan

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